Thursday, August 3, 2017


As I was going through my quilting magazines, I came across one that Janet O.  had sent me along with some other things - I think I won her give-a-way.  It was a Miniature Quilts Magazine (of course).  She had also sent me the paper piecing pattern for the flags below which came from that magazine.  When I saw it in the magazine, I got the urge to make a couple.  The stripes are 1/8" and the whole flag measures 4" square.  Of course, I goofed and started with white at the top instead of red, but these were test blocks anyway.  I've never done any PP that had pieces this skinny!  Not even with my DJ quilt!!  I don't know what I'll do with them yet - possibly use them for labels on the back of patriotic lap quilts for veterans.

The latest Mode Blockhead blocks.  The appliqué pieces are ironed on, but not stitched yet.

This is the finished project that I showed part of in the last post.  This is also a "Test" and is a wall hanging.  I have more of the blocks that came in a panel.  Quite a few, in fact, so I am trying to decide how to use them.  I think I'll re-figure it if I make another one.  I do like the flying geese though!

It seems like a lot of my friends have seen that we are having a heat wave and it's supposed to get up to 106º today!  We don't like it that hot at all, but we're thankful that the hot weather doesn't last very long here.

One of the chores that has to be done here due to all the rain that we get, is to clean the moss build up on the roof and we had that done this week.  What a mess!!  You can see it on the driveway.  But it also got all over our flowers, and bushes that are along the front and back of our house.  I even had to wash off each of my geranium leafs individually as they were coated with black stuff.

Of course, the rain has many benefits too, which we appreciate.  Amazingly, it doesn't rain during the summer months and we haven't had a drop for the last 2 months at least.  I hope you are all staying cool this summer, or warm if you are down under.


  1. Your little flags are adorable. Stay cool, I think you guys are hotter than we are!!

  2. I think your flags look wonderful, Ruth! That "puffy clouds" background fabric is perfect. I knew the pattern you were using as soon as I saw the photo. : )
    I made mine into a bowl filler and stitched the words "Land that I Love" on the background.
    Your birdhouse blocks are very cute.
    I like the panel blocks with the flying geese.
    Our daughter in Eugene told us their forecast. I am so glad she has AC in the home they rent. She says not many in their neighborhood have it. 106 degrees with no AC? Yikes!!
    Here in northern Utah we have to have snow removed from roofs sometimes, but I had never considered that some areas would need moss removal.

  3. Cute quilt and little flags!
    I never knew how folks got rid of the moss. I do now! Too dry over here for us to worry about it.
    Stay cool!

  4. Someone asked Pete Delkus how he got your area to reverse weather patterns with us. It rained most of the day yesterday and we have been in the upper 80s and low 90s for a few days.

    Stay cool - stay indoors - keep stitching.

  5. Love those tiny flags! Too tiny for my fingers to manipulate any more but I can admire others! This is one week I am so happy to not be in McMinnville, though it's been in the 80s with a lot of thunderstorms in the area. More predicted for tomorrow before a 'cooling' trend. We shall see. Try to stay cool and hydrated.

  6. Stay cool Ruth, that's a Sydney mid-January summer day and even too hot for my me. Your flags look terrific and the panel is good too. I've all but given up on appliqué but those are cute birdie blocks.