Sunday, March 19, 2017


I finished a patriotic lap quilt that will go to a veteran.  The guild I belong to has taken on this project with Serenity Hospice.  On Monday our members donated 7 patriotic quilts!  (I just now noticed the backward block!)  Oh, well....

I finished my bow tie doll quilt by stitching in the ditch around each block.

The backing is some fabric that I have had for quite a while.  I really like it and it is CW fabric, but doesn't really look like CW fabric and doesn't seem to fit into many quilts, so I'm glad I got to use it for this doll quilt.

Then, I decided I needed to get back to my Dear Jane quilt.  I finished the triangles on the right side.

Right side triangles
Right Side 12, 5, 6, 11, 13

Bottom Row 5 and 6
Total triangles finished is 6!

On my walk a couple days ago we saw these deer in front of the biggest tree in the neighborhood.  The native americans used to meet under this tree over 100 years ago when there was a trail that they followed along the creek in the ravene just down to the right from the tree.  I just love this tree and the deer!

Happy quilting!


  1. Your quilts are lovely, as always. I admire your perseverance with the Dear Jane. It looks so very challenging.

  2. The patriotic quilt is really nice and someone who does not quilt probably won't even notice the one block. It is a beautiful quilt. The bow tie doll quilt is so cute. I love little bow tie blocks! The backing fabric is perfect for it. Those DJ triangles look tricky, yours are so pretty. Have fun!

  3. I love your little doll quilt. Your patriotic quilt is beautiful too and your dear jane blocks are looking wonderful!

  4. I love your patriotic quilt, and I had to do a doubletake to see the problem; only a quilter will ever notice. Your finished bow ties are really cute. And of course, those DJ triangles are so very special! That's one huge tree, and I love seeing the deer. ---"Love"

  5. Beautiful quilts and a lovely gesture to your veterans. I wish we held them in as high regard as you do in the States. They have sacrificed so much. Those DJ triangles look diabolical! I bet the Native Americans followed the deer as well.

  6. the little bow tie turned out so sweet!
    What a nice little group of deer there - I never see them here in CT.
    your DJ triangles are look great

  7. I had to study the picture very hard to find the backward block. Not noticeable unless you know to look for it. What a wonderful patriotic quilt. I am sure it will be well appreciated.