Wednesday, December 16, 2015


I've made this block before and when lived in Texas my guild had a workshop to make donation quilts out of this block.  So, now that I'm in Oregon, I offered to demonstrate how to make the block in my guild here.  In February, I will be doing that, so I decided I needed to make a couple samples to show them.

The first one is a table runner made out of a charm pack.  It is super easy and with a charm pack, I didn't even need to cut any fabric!  This charm pack had been in the bottom drawer long enough, and the fabric is lovely - Hemming House by Bannock & Patek for Moda.  It took less about an hour to put this top together.

This next top will be a donation quilt, as the guild I belong to donates to a few different places, a hospital, for one.  I cut all the pieces for this to 8" and each block finishes at 15",  so it is 45" square.  

I will quilt these before the demo and have sample blocks in various degrees of progress to show how it is done.

On my daily walk, I pass this tree, which always amazes me because of its size and the covering of moss.   I wonder how old it is.

I think I have finished all my Christmas sewing and the shopping is almost done.  I have some cookies and appetizers in the freezer already and more to make.  My sister will be visiting after Christmas!  How are your preparations going?


  1. Love your charm pack table runner. I have learned to do this block through a magazine article. It was called a 3D Bowtie block. (I posted a tutorial on my blog.) Then I found out about its other name. I'm sure your guild will love this demonstration.
    Interesting tree indeed. ;^)

  2. My list of things to do is longer than my energy. It will get done and there is always next year

  3. The block looks difficult but the results are beautiful. I like both the table runner in those gorgeous fabrics and in the brights, too.

    Christmas is pretty much done here, it will just be the two of us and things will be simple. Merry Christmas! ! !

  4. Cute blocks!! I LOVE the table runner!!!

    I still have some stitching to finish and a couple of gifts to buy. Some baking is done, but I'm totally enjoying the season!!!

    Wishing a Joyous Christmas Season

  5. How different the same block can appear with different fabrics!
    I am nowhere near organized. Almost finished shopping and that is about all I can claim.

  6. that mossy tree is so cool. Is it soft to touch?
    Nice blocks. A bit like a bow tie.

  7. Your table runner instructions are sure to be a big hit and will get lots more folks hooked on the fun of piecing this project! Kudos to you!

  8. What a great tree!! Love your blocks. I found out we will have a couple of extra visitors for Christmas, so need to get them a little something, then I'll be set. Oh yeah, one large quilt to quilt before then!!

  9. First of all, love your Christmas header.

    I've never made the Ten Minute block, so that will be something I'll have to try.

    Interesting old tree.

    I've made 6 lap quilts as gifts this year, so I'm pretty much finished with sewing for right now. I'll be making some bourbon fudge and some pralines this weekend.

  10. What a terrific block! I can see snowballs, bow ties and more. That's a fabulous tree - it looks ancient.

  11. I want to try that block sometime, but I'm sure it will take me more than 10 minutes! What a beautiful tree, all decked out in its Christmas green! ---"Love"

  12. Happy New Year. Pretty quilts you have made. Is that the Bow Tie block?