Friday, December 11, 2015


I know we are all busy getting ready for Christmas, but if you had the time to come over for a cup of tea and some cookies (which aren't baked yet), this is what you would see at my front door.  Under all the greenery is an old watering can that sits on an old short step ladder.  The greenery was picked up on my walks and the ice skates were obtained at a garage sale a couple years ago for 25 cents!  I love Christmas decorations and hope I don't ever get too decrepit to at least put something up.

Many years ago, my MIL made this jewel tree out of some of her old jewelry and it has been one of my favorite decorations.  It has some lights in it to make it sparkle.  I took the first picture with a flash and the second without the flash so you could see the lights better.  We have had this for at least 30 years, but I think even longer than that.

Without Flash
I finished this cross stitched piece in 1998 and made it into a quilted wall hanging.

Actually, last year I posted my Christmas decorations and they look the same this year.  You can see them HERE.

I would love to see your decorations too!  Now I better get busy finishing up some Christmas gifts.


  1. What a nice greeting of holiday cheer at your front door. You have many fun decorations--I checked out your other post in the link. : )

  2. Hello Ruth !
    The jewel tree is awesome !
    And I really love your little doll quilt ! Great work !

  3. I'm not decrepit but I don't enjoy the holidays much after the death of DH (3 yrs now). Only 1 DGD who's 19 and not around much to see any if they were out so I don't do much. Don't bother with a tree, just a couple of nativities and other little odds and ends are about it. This coming from someone who used to put up a few trees and lots of joy in it anymore.

  4. what a lovely welcome to your home! i love the skates especially. I spent much of my youth skating on local ponds. Great jeweled piece too. I had one and now I wonder where it is..... great holiday post.

  5. I must decorate my porch today!! Love yours!!
    The framed piece looks very special.

  6. That jewel tree is amazing ! Pretty little quilt and I love your entrance :)

  7. Sorry this and a few more comments are late; I'll explain later. I remember the jewel tree from last year, and it it still just as lovely! So are the rest of your decorations. I did get mine all finished in time for my first party, but have encountered some not serious (I hope) health problems that have created a few problems. I did manage to get my first two parties done, bu t thought it best to cancel the others. Now I'm looking at all my decorations and thinking, 'These all have to be packed away soon.' Not a happy thought! I guess I will live though it all somehow. ---"Love"