Sunday, February 15, 2015


First of all I need to show you the scarf that my DGD finished.  Last Sunday, she finished it in a restaurant while we were waiting for our food!  I think she had started it on Thursday and just kept at it.  I gave her some more yarn when she left on a trip to visit her boyfriend, who is in the Navy.  I wonder if she worked on it during her trip to the east coast - an all day event.  

I decided to do an "overall" stitch on this table runner.

I love these fabrics - Moda Ladies' Album.

Over the years I have bought a bunch of old linens at garage and estate sales, wanting to make something with them.  This one is a dresser scarf.  I embroidered the "sayings" in each oval and now it is basted for quilting.  It's an experiment, so I don't know how it will turn out or what I'll do for the edge.

It has a couple stains and I'm not sure what I will do with them.  See the spot under this motif?  Maybe I'll turn it into another daisy.  Any suggestions?

 Now, I'm quilting my second table runner that I pieced a couple posts ago.  I'm doing some partial feathers in each triangle and I think I'll quilt a vine with leaves in the border.

Already?  This daffodil is blooming next door!

Are you quilting this weekend?


Janet O. said...

Your DGD is very quick!
The runners look great. I love your quilting motif on the second one.
I love things made from vintage linens. Very sweet.
Walking around my yard yesterday I saw that my daffodil clumps are pushing through. They shouldn't be up for another month or two, at least!

Lori said...

Your GD has a great teacher!
Love your projects. I think I would stitch over the stain to cover it up. Those are so great!
It really is too early for spring, but I think it is on the way.

Barb said...

what a great shrug - she did a wonderful job.
Your quilting looks great! Love that feathery pattern. What a pretty dresser skirt.
I can't believe you have daffodils how beautiful and what a sight for these eyes!

Beth said...

Your Dgd's scarf, shrug looks so pretty. It is fun to finish a project.
Love all the quilting you are doing. Your feathers are amazing.
No signs of spring here. Signs of snow, but no spring.

---"Love" said...

If you keep showing your small projects you make with those beautiful fabrics, one day maybe I'll drag out my CW fabrics and get started on some 4-patches or HST's. I love what you do with yours! I also have lots of old embroidered pieces I inherited. I've wondered what to do with some of them, and now your giving me ideas for those too. Your GD's scarf is really lovely; I'm sure she will enjoy it a lot! ---"Love"

a good yarn said...

Great scarf! Hope this is just the beginning for your DGD. Every time I see your quilting I ma in awe. You machine quilt so well and the patterns are so complex. I'm still struggling with stippling. Those embroideries are so pretty. I'm sure inspiration will come.

Anonymous said...

The scarf is wonderful.

I love your vintage embroidery pieces which are just the kind I've been working on for the past year. I like the very simple ones that look like the ones my mother, grandma and aunts were doing back in the 1940s - just like your piece.

Karen said...

We were in an antique mall over the weekend. Next to nothing in the line of antique linens. I was disappointed.