Saturday, December 13, 2014


 Back in 2008 I made mouse cookies for the first time and blogged about them here.  Click on link which will lead to another link for the recipe.  I hadn't made them since then and now I know why.  They are not really fun to make!  They are kind of cute, though.

First roll into a ball with one pointy side.

Then roll in the crumbs.

It's really messy!

Add nose and eyes (Nerd candy), ears (almond slices) and tail (licorice).

Kind of cute!

I didn't get very many.

Attack mice!

Put in refrigerator to harden up.
I hope someone will like them!  This afternoon we go to see our DGD perform in the Nutcracker Suite, and tonight a friend's choir concert.  Enjoy the season!


  1. They are so very cute, but the mess involved will probably keep me from giving them a try. At Christmas I like the cookies I make to be very simple. There is too much else that isn't. : )

  2. Oh those mouse cookies are too cute! But they do look time consuming to make, with their little eyes and noses and ears to add. Enjoy the Nutcracker this evening!

  3. these are adorable! What a great tradition they would make!

  4. And you enjoy the season too! I know I am.

  5. Goodness me; those are so cute, but about as messy as real live mice! I bet the kids love them! ---"Love"