Saturday, July 26, 2014


This first picture isn't very good, but it says "Enjoy Historic Downtown Dallas - Established 1874."  I guess I can't get away from Dallas!  Most people don't even know about Dallas, OR, but that was my first stop on the Shop Hop and it was at Grandma's Attic Quilt Shop.

Dallas OR

Grandma's Attic Quilt Shop

Picture of the give-away block and the table runner they made with it.
I couldn't help taking a bunch of pictures in Grandma's Attic.  It was my kind of shop!  Not that I didn't like the other shops, but this one was just perfect - plus it was my first stop and after this I kind of forgot to take many pictures.

Polk County Courthouse in Dallas, OR
 Next, I drove into Salem and stopped at the Quilted Forest.  This shop was very busy and had lots of interesting and beautiful quilts and fabrics.  But, they were not my type.

Third stop was Quilt'n Stitch in Slayton, OR, east of Salem.  A nice little shop in a small town.

I also went to the Bernina Stretch & Sew Fabrics and The Cotton Patch, both in Keizer, OR and didn't remember to take any pictures.  Sorry about that!

When I returned home I saw that one of my commenters recommended going to the quilt shop in Independence, which I saw was near Dallas, but since the shop wasn't in the shop "hop" I wasn't aware of it until it was too late.  Maybe some other time I can check it out.


  1. Sounds like a really fun day! Five quilt shops in one day!

  2. Looks like you found some cute shops on your hop.It looks to me like the whole historic downtown Dallas would be a fun place to visit and wander through.

  3. Looks like you had a really fun day! Isn't it amazing how much quilt shops look so much alike everywhere you go? So much beautiful fabric, notions, etc. and yet all displayed so differently, yet so much alike! I'm sure you'll be visiting those shops often, and they will be glad to see you coming! ---"Love"

  4. what a fun day of quilt shopping!

  5. I really think you like this shop. I do the Civil War BOM which the new one starts in August 2nd Sat month
    but I go on Friday. Love all her material and pattern and Diane is a very sweet person.

  6. Oh, looks like fun! Next time I am in the area, I will let you know and we can spend some time at the quilt shop! It will be a year or two, but it sounds like a fun plan!

  7. Awesome--nothing better than shopping at a quilt shop. five in one day--I would have needed a loan

  8. Shop Hops are too much fun. I think Grandma's Attic would be my kind of shop too. Thanks for sharing these locations.

  9. So many of my friends rave about Greenbaum's. Funny you weren't impressed. I have never been.