Wednesday, July 9, 2014


I'm still here living in our 5th wheel at my DS's house and we are progressing in the buying of the house.  Last week was the inspection and it passed that with flying colors!  This week an appraisal will be ordered and we go in to sign more papers with the mortgage company.  We are getting writers' cramp from signing so many papers!  But, we're getting excited and definitely looking forward to moving into a house and getting out of the camper!

In the mean time, I am keeping busy in-between the house business sewing and quilting (plus cooking).  I made another little quilt top and I'm almost finished quilting my basket quilt inner section around all the little baskets.  Also, I prepped a couple more Dear Jane blocks, but haven't had time to work on them any more.  I'm hoping to get the quilt finished before we move in so I can hang it up in our new living room!  I discovered during the inspection that there is plenty of wall space to hang quilts in the living room and bedrooms!!!

This is the 4-patch doll quilt that I made.  For some reason, I couldn't get the computer to straighten it, so it looks crooked.

We aren't enjoying the hot weather that we're having here in Oregon, but are thankful that we have air conditioning in our 5th wheel.  We're also happy that the house we're buying has A/C - a lot of the houses we looked at didn't have it.

We were expecting DS/DIL to return from Europe tomorrow, but found out they will arrive today instead!  Yea!!

I hope you are enjoying warmer weather, but hopefully not too hot!


  1. Lots of quilting happening in your 5th wheel. I am so glad to hear the inspection went well. i hope you will be home owners again really soon.

  2. I love that little quilt!!! I'm glad that things are going well with your house! Looking forward to photos!!

    Blessings and hugs!

  3. Glad you're hanging in there and making something pretty.

  4. sounds like all is going well for the house. You'll be back in Texas to get all your stuff before you know it. Wish you could be here July 18-19 for the Ellis County show, I'll miss seeing you there! Your little quilt is cute. I need to make some of those! ---"Love"

  5. Aren't you glad you have your quilting to keep you busy! It would be terrible to have to just sit and wait during this time. So glad things are going smoothly with the new house. I love your little four patch quilt!

  6. very cute - there is just something about 4 patches - adorable!
    enjoy your visit

  7. Congrats on the house. Will you be venturing to Sisters this weekend for the outdoor quilt show?

  8. love little quilts. 4 patch is adorable!
    finishing your dear jane quilt , wow! when will the house be finished ?