Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Last week I flew up to Chicago to visit my sister who lives in one of the suburbs.  Actually, she lives in the house that we grew up in - that my Dad, Grandpa and Uncles built in 1948.  It's always good to go home for a visit.  I should have taken a few pictures of the house, but didn't have my good camera with me.  It was very cold and there was lots of snow on the ground.  It snowed a few more times while I was there.

This is a picture of my sister's sewing machine, a Singer Spartan, that I used while there to make lots of HSTs.  As you may or may not know, I get up real early in the morning and like to get a little sewing done then.  Since my sis is a night person, it works out fine.  I stayed in the master bedroom (we didn't call it that at the time), and there is a tiny sewing room off the back.  This is the room where I learned to sew.  All you can see in the picture is part of the wall.  There is a window looking out into the back yard.  In this room, I sewed my finger while using Mom's Kenmore sewing machine.  I never liked that machine, but never sewed my finger again!  I started making my own clothes while in junior high and spent many hours sewing clothes for myself so I could have more clothes for less money!

Singer Spartan - I had a sewing machine just like this when I first got married.  I bought it for $30 at Marshall Field's in Oakbrook Center west of Chicago.
I finished this DJ block while there also.

I decided to leave on Sunday because Monday had a bad weather forecast.  Since I fly stand-by thanks to DS#1's employer, I didn't have reservations.  I flew Southwest both ways and had really good luck by being able to get on the flights I was aiming for.

When I got home to Texas (70 degrees) I couldn't wait to get some of my HSTs put into the pinwheels I needed.  I want to get this top finished soon - it's for DS/DIL's 25th anniversary in July.

Thanks so much for the many kind comments on my last post.  I didn't have much computer access and didn't reply to many of the comments, plus we were really busy.  But I do appreciate all the visitors!


  1. So glad you beat the worst of the storms home. How fun to go and see your sis and sew! What a cute machine!!

  2. So sorry about our weather. You got out in time. 6 more inches fell yesterday! I live out in Oswego, it was beautiful though. Can't wait to Spring. Your pinwheels are looking good.

  3. How nice that your family home is still in the family and you can go there to visit--and have the sewing room all to yourself for your morning sewing. : )
    I'm not familiar with the Spartan machine--how does it differ from a Featherweight?
    Beautiful job on the Dear Jane block!

  4. You DJ block turned out really well. I love it. Hugs

  5. Love your Dear Jane. Your work is excellent.

  6. So sorry we weren'table to meet up this time. Still having some issues.
    Love the DJ block. I am so loving the blue and tan/brown. It looks so rich. Not surethat is the right word...know what I mean?

  7. I'm sure you are appreciating your warmer climate! We had a lovely thaw today, all the way up into the 40's, and expect the same tomorrow before going into a blizzard watch on Thursday. Your DJ block is lovely. The anniversary quilt seems to be coming along very nicely. I'll keep watching to see how it comes together. Those colours look wonderful and warm.

  8. So glad you got home safely! Looks like you spent many hours piecing. You will be finished in time for the gifting, and it will be beautiful! ---"Love"

  9. what a cute machine, I've never heard of the spartan. I lived in Chicago for 40 years - it can be brutal. Now that I'm in CT it brutal here this year!
    glad you got home safe
    stay warm

  10. What a cute little machine! Sounds like you had a lovely visit in spite of the weather. I sure don't miss the Chicago weather, love the warmer climate in NM. Your DJ block is wonderful, you did a great job on it. The anniversary quilt is coming along, can't wait to see it all finished. Glad you had a nice trip and arrived home safely.