Friday, July 5, 2013


My DGS is in London right now with the Oregon Ambassadors of Music.  He was selected by his band teacher to be part of this group that gets to go to Europe for a 2 week tour where they will play 10 concerts in various cities.  The lucky guy is there now.  We were able to hear the band at Lewis and Clark College in Portland the night before they left.

On the way to the concert we could see Mt. Hood from a bridge in Portland!

Another view of Mt. Hood in the distance (about 50 Miles?) from Lewis & Clark College.

Statue of Sacagawea.

Mansion at Lewis and Clark College.
The campus is beautiful and it was such a pleasant evening (after a hot day) sitting amongst the tall trees and listening to the band.  It was amazing how professional they sounded after only three days of practicing together.  DGS plays the trumpet and he was sitting in the middle of the back row, so I couldn't really get a picture of him.  He & DGD do not want their pictures posted on the blog, however, so even if I did get a picture, I couldn't show it to you.  I wish I could.

My DGS is very musical and plays the piano and organ in addition to the trumpet.  He even has an organ job at a church.  We are very proud of him and happy he has this opportunity!

Oregon Ambassadors of Music Band
We're getting anxious to get home on one hand, but hate to leave on the other!  It has been a wonderful visit!


Janet O. said...

What a treat for DGS to tour Europe with a band. That is very cool!
Back in my high school days I was part of an orchestra that was going to Europe, but I couldn't afford the trip, so I had to drop out. I've still never been. : (

~Joan said...

Glad you are enjoying your trip so much. I just got back from VA Beach, and I STAYED with Marcie Patch! Let the good times roll!!

---"Love" said...

Beautiful pictures! What an honor and a rare opportunity for you DGS! What treasured memories he will have of the trip! ---"Love"

Beth said...

What a wonderful experience for them! So cool that you got got to hear them before they left.
My BIL teaches at Lewis and Clark.