Saturday, July 20, 2013


Well, we are still in Oregon and we do love it here, but.....the engine light started to come on in the truck, so we are getting it fixed and the shop couldn't get to it right away, so we're camping and visiting my BIL/SIL a little longer.  We've been having a good time with them and I've been doing some sewing, though not too much.

I finished June's basket appliqué blocks - finally!  There are 12 of them, 6 more just like the ones in the picture below.

Yesterday we went to a few garage sales with my BIL/SIL.  One of them was selling some reproduction quilting fabric!!!  The FQs were $.50 each!!!!

There was some yardage as well for about $2/yd.!!!

The red floral border fabric is from Andover

I also made a sunsuit and a romper for Abby's 12" dolls.  The matching hats aren't finished yet.

I bought this 18" doll at a different garage sale for $.50 and thought I could use it to try on clothes that I might make for Abby's doll.  This one had all her hair cut off, so I decided to make a hat for her (I've been making hats for the children's hospital).  Then I thought she needed a hospital gown to go with the hat.  My DS (Abby's Daddy) is a registered nurse, so Abby can pretend her doll is sick.  The fabric for the gown is from a thrift shop.

We're making the best of our delay, but we want to go HOME!  Maybe I can get the quilting on the doll quilt finished after all!


Elaine Adair said...

The doll's clothing? tooooo dear! I've never played with dolls but went into a trance-like state as an adult making doll cloths for a fund raiser - never realized dolls could be so much fun. These outfits are just sooo cute, perhaps I should go back to that! Thanks for the jolt in my memory!

Doniene said...

I'm so glad that you have something to keep your hands busy!!! And such wonderful baskets and doll goodies!!! What a find on the fabric - way to go!! So glad that you had a good time at the quilt show - looks like a great one!!

Hope you can get started home soon - safe travels!!


~Joan said...

When I saw your new fabric (both FQ and yardage), I literally said "WOW" out loud! What a steal!! I think the stripe is gorgeous. That would be great for a strip quilt of some kind.

Karen said...

Sorry about your mechanical problems, but your repro bargains look wonderful! The doll clothes look great too.

Janet O. said...

That would be frustrating to keep being delayed--no matter how much you love your relations, there's no place like home.
Look at all those little baskets--so sweet.
You really scored at the yard sale!
What cute doll clothes. I bought patterns to make clothes for my granddaughter's 18" doll, but I haven't used them yet. : )

Marsha said...

It is too bad you have a delay in plans, but you are making the most of it. Your little baskets are so cute and your new fabrics are amazing. What good prices! The doll hat and gown are very sweet for a doll that needs a little TLC. The doll clothes are very cute, too. Abby will love them. Hope everything works out soon and there are no more surprises on the way home. Have a safe trip!

Quilting Babcia said...

Sorry about your delay, but hey, the weather is staying just about perfect isn't it!? So happy for you to have found that wonderful fabric. I've been to a couple interesting estate sales in the last week - one last week right near where you're staying, I'll post some of those goodies real soon, or you could come see.

---"Love" said...

I cannot even imagine making doll clothes, nor a dozen of those cute little baskets. BTW, I saw the ones at the store south of the show today, and yours are the best, in my opinion! Sorry you missed the show; it was great. I'll send pictures maybe tomorrow. Hope you get started home soon, and do stay safe! ---"Love"

Cathy said...

I can't help but smile when I see your basket blocks. They are adorable. Great finds at the garage sale. Hugs

Beth said...

Love the baskets. Great garage ice fabric and a great price.
The doll clothes are very cute and I love the hospital gown.
Hope you are able to head home soon.

Me and My Stitches said...

Just love your baskets. And what great deals you got at the garage sale. Great fabrics! Hope your truck is fixed soon!

a good yarn said...

I'm still loving those baskets! 50 cents for FQ is such a good buy. Pretty colours too.