Tuesday, January 15, 2013


 Saturday was a very busy day.  DS#3/DIL were scheduled to run in a marathon, but since Eli was sick, only DS ran.  Jonah stayed with us for the day and Abby, her Mom, Jonah and I went to a local park where the kids had a blast.  They literally ran the whole time the were there (just about).  Four year olds seem to have unending energy!

A snack to replenish the energy!

Walking to the car together.
 Jonah spent the night in our camper and played with some toys that he hadn't seen before, such as the marble maze below.  That has always been a real hit with the grandkids!  You put the marble in the top and it rolls down through all the curves, bridges and bumps to the bottom.

Uncle Sam is always fun too.  You put your penny in Uncle Sam's hand and when you press the button, Uncle Sam's hand drops the penny in his satchel.  In this bank, you can retrieve the pennies to do it all over again.  It's a heavy metal replica of an antique toy/bank.
Pressing the button for Uncle Sam.

 I have been sewing every day.  Some things I'm not showing on this blog, so it doesn't seem like much.  I was able to finish this panel from the Winter Wonderland pattern.  Two panels down and one to go, then they will get set into a quilted wall hanging.

Close-up of the left side.

Close-up of the right side.

I worked on the appliqué pieces for this wall hanging, which I am making two of, and had hoped to get them all ironed on, but decided I better wait until I get home to iron them on the background because the iron I have in the camper has some gunk stuck on it and I don't have a pressing cloth with me.  All the pieces are ready, though and they will be machine appliquéd when I get around to it.  The wall hanging was so cute when I saw it at the LQS that I just couldn't resist!

We will be back home in about a week.  Yea!!  We're ready to get back to normal living again.  I think I'll work on a UFO list and maybe set some goals for 2013.  I'm afraid it will be a long list!  


  1. I still have the marble works from when my kids were little - and a whole bagful of marbles! We always had fun with it. Love the winter scene. Is it all embroidered?


  2. Beautiful work,I came via Darlene when I seen your comment , funny how we discover other blogs this way ;-)

  3. Oh such a wonderful stitchery! Isn't it fun to work on something at the same time as someone else! Love it!

  4. Gorgeous panels! Glad you are having fun with the grandkids. Be glad you are there this morning rather than having to drive to work here! You know how Texans drive on ice! *frown* ---"Love"

  5. Aren't those marble tracks great? I have what looks like the same one and the grands do love it.
    Beautiful winter stitchery--love that!
    Have a safe journey as you return home to "normal life".

  6. The picture of Jonah and Abby holding hands is just the cutest thing ever. Looks like they had a great day.
    Your embroidery looks great!. It is a fun one to do. I have one traced but never got to it last year. Maybe I will this year.
    Travel safe.

  7. Yep, if you could bottle 4 year old Go Juice you could make a fortune! Your stitcheries are amazing - so much detail.

  8. cute photos! your winter wonderland stitching is so lovely.
    A guild member made it in red, I love yours!

  9. The cousins are so sweet holding hands:)
    Great projects you have going. I bet home is going to be a good place to be by now!!

  10. Those are two cute cousins and I love the Winter Wonderland piece.

  11. The kids are too cute and the embroidery is beautiful. I bet you're ready to be home in your own bed, though. Have a safe trip home and we'll be waiting to see what all you accomplish when you don't have grandkids to keep you busy!