Sunday, January 20, 2013


Before Christmas I went to my favorite LQS to spend my gift certificate when I saw a BOM program on the wall that I really liked.  It came in Red or Blue.  I had always wanted to join in on something at this shop which specializes in reproduction fabrics, but never have.  I thought, maybe I should do it this time - as I had resisted for years.  I had a hard time making the decision, but I decided to join in. Am I nuts?   I selected the blue one.  The pattern is below and comes with a template for the baskets.  Each month I will receive a package with fabric for 12 baskets to be hand appliquéd!  Yikes!  I received the first month at the shop and there was enough fabric for 12 blocks, six background fabrics and 6 blue fabrics for the baskets, so I will have 12 blocks with 2 from each fabric.

Pattern and template.

Six of my first month's 12.  The others are basically the same.
 They are not perfect, but I hope my applique skills will improve.  I used the back basting method this time and might try a different method on January's blocks.

I just received this book as a Christmas gift from my DS#3/DIL and am already enjoying it.  I love Marie Bostwick's Cobbled Court series.

I received this mug rug from Karen  when we met for lunch a week ago.  We had such a good visit!

We left Florida and are now in Alabama visiting our 3rd son and family.  Jonah (4) and Eli (2) are such precious little boys!

DS/DIL helping the boys climb on the old "truck"

Eli is such a smiley boy!

Jonah is a good climber!
Tomorrow we head back home and it will be good to get there. We had a wonderful visit with 2 of our sons' families! We will sure miss them!


  1. I don't precisely think you're crazy... *wink* ...but what a great take-along project! Are you able to sew while traveling?

    Your applique skills will definitely improve with all that practice... AND you'll have a lovely quilt to show for it too!

    Looking forward to watching your progress...


  2. Good for you, I like to be part of a sewing quilt along, etc. They keep on track otherwise I am going in all different directions with my quilting. Cute grandchildren.

  3. No, you are NOT nuts! Sometimes that is what we need to relax about a project. I love the baskets and look forward to seeing them every month! It is a gorgeous quilt.
    Be safe!!

  4. I just brought that basket pattern too! I love it. Good luck on the BOM. Love the Basket blocks.

  5. Maybe slightly nuts. But in a good way. :) blessings, marlene

  6. A new BOM will not declare you nuts, but 12 of those little baskets every month may! It would me, for sure! But knowing you and your dedication, you'll have them done in no time, with time left for another project or two each month! ---"Love"

  7. Irrespective of the state of your faculties at point of purchase, you are going to end up with a fabulous quilt!

  8. I love your little baskets! You're definitely not nuts...just a quilter with a passion! What a quilt you will have when done!

  9. I think there's something inherently wrong with people named Ruth. They like to undertake projects that are almost always insane. At least as defined by the rest of us. You, my mom and a gal in my quilt group, all Ruths, are all nuts. My mom just made a quilt like this (maybe the same one?) and sewed about a bajillion and four baskets onto little scraps of shirtings. But if it makes you happy, go with it. I'm a little crazy in my own way and we all are...just some of us don't show it by sewing 4000000 baskets into a quilt. :) (But it's a beautiful project and the grandkids are so cute.)

  10. So bald I got to see the beginning of this one in person. And we did have such a good time at lunch. See you next time you're in Pensacola.

  11. Beautiful photos of the boys, your new baskets look lovely.

  12. If you like applique, you aren't crazy. It would be crazy if I signed up for this BOM. It is very cute, but I don't applique (other than the wool, now).
    What a pretty little mug rug from Karen.
    Looks like a good time with family!

  13. I'm not skilled enough in applique to even begin something like this. I know it will be beautiful.

    Your grandchildren are also beautiful.

  14. I love her patterns. And I really have a thing for baskets too. You are off to a great start. This will be a beautiful quilt.
    Eli and Jonah look so cute. They are growing too fast.
    Hope the trip home is uneventful.

  15. I love your baskets. It will be so beautiful when done. Hugs