Friday, August 3, 2012


In 2010, a group of ladies who had started blogging on the American Patchwork & Quilting Magazine's web site (, decided to join together for a block swap.  We ended up with 13 participants and each month we sent 2 blocks to 2 different people.  Finally, I have gotten my blocks put together.  I don't know if I will put a border on it or not, but at least the top is done!   Am I the last one to get mine put together?   It was a lot of fun to participate in and most of us are still following each others' blogs.  

DH & I went to the Texas Civil War Museum in Fort Worth this week.  I just took a few pictures.
Log Cabin quilt - it had embroidery stitches along each seam - made in the 1840s.

Some civil war era clothes.

What a pretty blouse!

Look at the antique sewing machine.

That was a horrible time in our nation's history.  It's hard to even imagine what the people went through during that time.  I participated in the civil war block series last year and now I have another quilt top to put together!  I hope to get to that before the end of the year.  

Thanks for visiting!  And thanks for so many comments - I'm sorry that I haven't replied to all of them.


  1. Great looking quilt that your blog friends contributed to. I was at the Texas Civil War Museum last year, such a nice display and the beautiful dresses were magnificent. Hubby and I just got back from Murfreesboro Tenn and visited the Stone River Battlefield, museum, and cemetery. Such a solemn place, many, many lives lost in one of the worst battles of the CW.

  2. Nice job on putting your APQ blocks together! I wasn't aware of the Civil War Museum in Fort Worth; I checked out their website just now, and may make plans to visit there too when it cools off a bit. ---"Love"

  3. No your not the last one, I still haven't put mine together yet! Can't believe it was 2 years ago now! I felt the same when I went to the Imperial War Museam, fascinating but very sad atthe same time. Karen xx

  4. The quilt blocks are really cute.

    I've been to a lot of Civil War battlegrounds and museums, but I've never gotten as far as Texas. Would love to visit that museum.

  5. Your APQ quilt looks great. I quilted mine, just have to trim and bind ( and label of course).
    Museum looks like a very interesting place to vist.

  6. are not the last one to get the swap quilt done...I still have to put mine together;) Your's looks great;) I love the clothes in the photos...clothes nowadays are so terrible!!
    Happy Quilting!!

  7. Your swap quilt looks wonderful! It is fun to see how everyone is getting theirs put together. The dark triangles really set all the beautiful colors off well. The museum sounds so interesting, what a great time for you and thanks for the pictures!

  8. You are not alone, Ruth. Mine has been put together for ages but is still only a top! Yours looks stunning!


  9. The swap quilt looks great! Good for you getting it together. Sometimes it just takes a while for inspiration to strike. There is a group here that meets at my LQS that all have hand-crank sewing machines. The gal who owns the shop has one, but I cannot for the life of me figure out how they could sew with just the one hand without sewing through their hand! (But apparently it can be done, as there are photos on the shop website...maybe they just wiped the blood off and posed it with someone not in the ER?)

  10. I have not seen this particular version of a pinwheel block. It is very interesting and is making a nice quilt.