Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Friday, DH & I went to the Dallas Quilt Show and saw lots of gorgeous quilts!  I took pictures of some of them and picked out several to post.  I tried to put the maker's names for all of them, but was unable to get close enough to see them all.  And I was unable to get a picture of the Best of Show quilt - too many people standing too close to it - but Theri got a really good picture and put it on her blog here.

Laura Kay Houser, McKinney, TX

Eun Yeon Yoo, Flower Mound, TX - all the dresses had smocking on them.

Jean Middlesworth, Shawnee, OK

Jean Middlesworth, Shawnee, OK

Kathy Carson, Dallas, TX  -  I love 9-patches!

Rhonda Hughes Montee, Cedar Hill, TX (she is a member of my guild and also owner of the Corner Square Quilt Shop in Cedar Hill, TX)

DH took this picture and I'm glad he did!

Klonda Holt, Lee's Summit, MO

I love this one, but couldn't get close enough to the label to get the maker's name.

Arlene Simpson, Denton, TX

Had to put in a Texas quilt!
I ran into "Love" from "I Just Love Quilts" several times and she posted some different pictures.  I got to meet some of her quilting friends.

Saturday when I was going to practice some free motion quilting, my sewing machine started acting up.  I took off the cover over the top section where the light is and pieces of black "something or other" dropped out.  Yesterday I took it to the sewing machine doctor.  Hope it gets fixed soon!

Thanks for visiting and hope you have a great quilty week!


Liriopia said...

Love the chickens!


---"Love" said...

Great pictures of great quilts! I think I got all of those too. 'Twas a fun day and great to see you and hubby! Hope your machine gets fixed easily! ---"Love"

Barb said...

thanks for sharing these wonderful quilts!

Monica said...

Wasn't this year's show great?!

The garden quilt was made by Elaine Thomas of Granbury, TX. She is a friend of mine. She won best of show at the Granbury show back in October and was encouraged by the judge to enter it in Dallas' show.

Janet O. said...

There are some beauties here, Ruth! That orchid quilt took my breath away! Love the chickens--my grandpa was a chicken farmer. My Mom made that same 9-patch quilt in different colors. It hangs in her living room. And Rhonda's quilt is very striking!
Love it all!

Randy D. said...

What beautiful quilts you saw!! Very impressive!

Marsha said...

Those are all gorgeous quilts and what fun meeting Love and her friends there, too. Looks like a great day!

Karen said...

My favorite is the nine patch with the applique border. I would like to make a similar one.

Lee Prairie Designs said...

WOW! Thanks for sharing these wonderful quilts. What fun to run into one of your blogger buddies!


Betty Lou said...

Grate pictures, thank you for sharing. There are some very talented quilters out there.

Katie said...

Another great set of photos. I love the variety. Thanks so much for sharing! Have you been inspired?

quilt32 said...

It was hard to pick a favorite, but the one with the little dresses is amazing. I'm even more impressed since I never learned to do smocking.

Beth said...

Lovely quilts. I am so glad that I did not have to 'judge' them. How could you pick one?
Bet it was fun to see Love and her quilty friends too.
Happy stitching

Lori said...

Lucky you! Looks like a wonderful show for spring inspiration!!

The Civil War Quilter said...

I love the 9 patch! It's unusual using all the plaids, very effective!

Lee Prairie Designs said...

Thanks for sharing the Dallas Quilt show with us!

Carolyn :)

Donna said...

Great pictures! Lots of talent depicted there. I love what the quilter did with the nine patches.