Monday, November 14, 2011


This weekend I caught up on the Civil War blocks by making the last two of them.

I finally got enough string blocks to make a teenage boy's quilt for donation to the children's hospital.  Now I just need to remove the paper from the back, sew them together, quilt and bind.  I wonder when I will get it finished.

You will notice there are no feminine things in these blocks.  I had to dig deep to find more masculine fabric.  Uh Oh, I just saw a couple little flowers in the cow's mouths.  Hopefully, they will not be too noticeable.

Leaves are allowed, but not flowers (my GS let me know these things).

Here's the phone book paper on the back of one.  There are 63 8" blocks and the quilt will be 7 blocks wide by 9 blocks long.

I hope these fabrics will pass as masculine enough.  Hee Hee!  No pink or purple will be in this quilt.  Stars and golf bags are permissible.  Swirls are permissible.  There might be a couple tiny flowers on a block or two, but they are so miniscule as to not be noticeable, I hope.

This morning I got a pillow ready for binding and I'll show you that later.  No picture yet.    These pictures are taken with my iPhone, and are OK but seem darker than pictures taken with our old camera. Have a good week, everyone!


  1. Those CW blocks are great again, as usual! Love your colors! I'm still far behind!
    That boy's donation quilt is going to be very acceptable! It should please any boy; if he looks closely enough to see a few tiny flowers, I'd take that as an indication that he loves it. You surely have put a lot of work in it! ---"Love"

  2. Very nice! I think the tiny little flowers that show will not be noticed at all. The colors are great for a "guys" quilt! Your CW blocks are beautiful, too!

  3. Your CW blocks look great.
    The string blocks are not feminine looking at all--those little flowers won't even be noticeable.

  4. Wow, the last CW blocks. Your colour combinations have been spot on Ruth. I love these string blocks and think the phone book paper is a terrific idea. I think the lads who receive your quilts will be well chuffed. ann :-)

  5. Great last two blocks for your quilt! Can't wait to see the top put together! Love the string quilt idea for a boy. I have tons of silk ties I have collected over the years to make a string quilt out of at some point!

  6. String blocks are so much fun to make. I never thought of using phone book pages, what a great idea. I need to learn how to down load picture from my phone. It is a blackberry and I can't use half the features it has. Too many quilts taking up room in my brain to fit in any more technology.

  7. Your CW blocks are perfect.

    Some lucky boy is going to love that quilt.

  8. Too funny that your grandson lets you know what's allowed for boy quilts! I think the cow flowers will be just fine. Now if they were just flowers... It's going to be a great quilt and anyone willing to pick it apart for something that small doesn't deserve the quilt in the first place. The civil war blocks are looking great. I look forward to seeing how you decide to set them!

  9. I love the string blocks. It will make a perfect quilt for a boy.