Wednesday, October 19, 2011


I have been very busy, but can't share many pictures.  Last year I made this pumpkin pin cushion and have it sitting on a little shelf in the hall outside my sewing "studio."  

I finished the last two Civil War blocks.  This was a nice easy one.  It's an H for Hospital.  During the civil war the Hospital flag was yellow and green.

I decided to hand piece this star and it went together pretty easily.

First thing in the morning, I have been stitching strip blocks for donation quilts.  The pile on the left is for girls and the pile on the right is for boys.  I decided to concentrate on the boys blocks now, because there are never enough quilts for teen aged boys (for the hospital that we donate to).  So, I'm squeezing some of these in and will try to get one finished next month.

Happy quilting, everyone!


  1. Such a cute little pumpkin! The strip blocks are a great idea - what are you using for a foundation? (Or are you?) The star looks great...and hard! I'm glad it went together easily for you. So what's the tease about? Holiday gift projects? This sure looks like a bunch even without the tease, though.

  2. You have been busy! Love the little pumpkin pincushion. Very cute.
    Your CW blocks look great, and you have pieced a mountain of blocks for your donation quilts. I can't tell if you have them on a foundation. Do you piece these without them, have you already removed them, or are they on foundations and I just can't tell from the photos? I'm just curious because I have been wondering how they would turn out without foundations.

  3. Love that pumpkin pincushion.
    Your CW blocks are perfect as always. And that is a big stack of blocks for your charity quilts.
    What else could you possibly squeeze in?

  4. Love the pumpkin pincushion. They are so much fun to make. Great Job.

  5. Your little pumpkin is so cute, and I love that beautiful tatting! (At least it looks like tatting to me; whatever, I love it!) I enjoy seeing your CW blocks everytime, and I get upset that I've not been doing those. As you well know, from your pretty string blocks, donation quilts take a lot of time, and that's all I've done for three weeks now! Maybe I can do CW after Christmas! ---"Love"

  6. Love the arrangement on the little table.

  7. Ruth, I am curious about your string blocks, too. How did you piece them? Paper, foundation, freehand? Love all your other works and the pincushion is adorable.


  8. Yo are working on all sorts of wonderful projects.
    Love the pumpkin pin cushion!!

  9. That's a terrific pumpkin pincushion! You are so good to makes quilts for young people. ann :-)