Thursday, April 1, 2010


First, I need to show off a picture of GS Jonah petting a goat! We are going to travel to Arkansas to take care of him for 2 weekends in April while our DS & DIL attend foster parenting training! Can't wait to see him. We can already see he has changed a lot since Christmas!
I finished putting together this BOM top last night and it is going to be given to my GD for her birthday in June. I'm pretty sure she doesn't look at my blog, but if she does, oh well! I plan to machine quilt it myself and need some advice. Do you think I should use white thread? black thread? or another color? I'm leaning toward white thread. I will be doing an over all quilt design - maybe stippling. I don't have too many options for my design as I haven't perfected any fancy machine quilting yet.

This morning I layered & pinned the cheddar cheese & crackers doll quilt. I'm going to hand quilt this one, so I hope it will be finished soon. Right now, I have about 5 quilts that need quilting - yikes! I better get busy!
The top five FQs on this stack were purchased at one of my favorite quilt shops when I went shopping with the sweet blogger from quilting memories. It is my favorite reproduction fabric quilt shop.
Now I need to get ready for my tax appointment. Happy April!!


  1. Your grandson is too cute. Looks like he enjoys goats (I like them too - they're like naughty dogs!).

    The BOM is beautiful. I like the black and white setting - it really lets the blocks shine. But I have no suggestions for thread. I'm the one that tells my machine quilter "whatever you think will look best" and stop worrying. I'm sure whatever you choose will look wonderful and the quilt will be appreciated.

  2. Very pretty quilt, don't know about the thread, just use what you think is best. Enjoy being with your grandson, they grow so fast. HAPPY EASTER!

  3. Your grandson looks very pleased with the whole experience. What a sweetie! Enjoy your visit with him.

    Your BOM looks very nice. All the elements just seem to pop right off the quilt. How about a gray thread? It would show on both the white and the black.


  4. Your grandson is such a cutie, they grow and change so fast at that age. Enjoy your visit with him!

    The BOM quilt is fantastic, great colors. It will be beautiful with what ever color of thread you use.

    The cheddar doll quilt is lovely, too. Those reproduction fabrics are so pretty, I love them, too. Enjoy your quilting and hope the tax appointment isn't too painful!

  5. Your BOM is beautiful. I love your black and white sashing. I think if I were doing an all over quilt pattern I would use a verigated white ( KingTut) or maybe gray like Joanne suggested.

    Your cheddar doll quilt is wonderful. Have fun quilting it.

    Your DS is so cute. They do grow and change at an alarming rate sometimes don't they?

    Hope the taxes are not too bad.

  6. I hope somebody counted his fingers after patting that goat - they'll eat anything and everything! He's gorgeous Ruth and will be grown up before you know it. Love your BOM quilt. I'd be tempted to use a multi-coloured thread but then I like it bright. I did use navy thread on Farmyard Stack though. That's a pretty doll quilt and some beautiful repro fabrics. Cheers, Ann :-)

  7. Jonah looks like he's having a great time. He is so cute in the hat!!
    If you decide to use white thread may I suggest a very fine thread?
    You could actually use black in the black setting strips and 9 patches. You could do that without stopping. Will you have a busy backing? I always like to match my bobbin thread with the backing, but if you are using white or black a little bit may show through to the front. Another option would be to use a colorful variegated thread, then it looks like everything is done on purpose:)
    The CC&C quilts up pretty fast if you are doing straight lines.

  8. I believe Jonah looks a lot like his Granny! He's truly a cutie!
    I think the gray thread would work with all the blocks, and show up on the black and white sashings. All the quilts are going to be well loved! ---"Love"

  9. Look at that cutie in the hat, great that he's not afraid to pat the goat. I'd lean towards a light thread too but maybe black in the sashings.Your CC&C looks wonderful, you'll be glad you hand quilted it.

  10. What a cutie!! Love the quilts and that lovely stack of repros!! :) Christine

  11. congrats, anddid you see you won this one too? it was your lucky hop!!!