Sunday, March 14, 2010


The curtains in our camper were horrible (see below), so I decided I better take them out and make new ones. I took them out and brought them home to see if I could find some fabric that would go with the upholstery in the camper.
This is a tie back from the camper, so I needed to get something that would go with it.
Some of the curtains had these plastic strips with little things sticking out that go into grooves to hold the curtain up or down as the case may be. I couldn't find them at JoAnn's, so I took them off, washed them and sewed them on the new curtains.

I have had this fabric for a while - I think I bought it when it was on sale for $2 per yard. Wow! It's a perfect match! These will go in the "bedroom" area. The other curtains by the table in the "dining" area will be of a different fabric because I didn't have enough of the green.
I saw this egg beater at a flea market and decided to get it in case we aren't hooked up to electricity and don't want to run our generator. I think I used to have one of these when I first got married (way back when)!
Today after church DH & I went to the Dallas Quilt Show. I had planned to drive back into Dallas after going home, because DH never has indicated any desire to go to a quilt show before, but on the way to church he said he thought we could go together!!! That was fine with me! I think he enjoyed it! We saw some quilts that we both liked & some that we didn't like. Also got some ideas for future quilts I want to make (no big surprise there).


  1. Great job on the curtains!! I love the egg beater- we used to have one of those and as a kid I always opted to use it instead of the electric mixer! :) Christine

  2. The fabric for the curtains looks like a good match, they will add a lot to the camper. Looks like you are enjoying it already!

    The trip to the quilt show sounds like it was a lot of fun, next thing you know your husband will be working on a quilt of his own!

  3. How wonderful that your husband took you to the quilt show!!
    Your curtains look great too.

  4. Lucky stash match for your curtains! They will be pretty! Glad you could salvage the mechanism/tape that makes them work. Looks like you are getting everything ready to travel! Maybe you can get hubby to take you to Paducah, Houston, Sisters????---"Love"

  5. That is much nicer fabrics for your curtains. I still have an egg beater like that which I use more often than the electric one. It does a wonderful job. Cheers, Ann :-)

  6. Doesn't it make you feel good that you know how to replace those curtains? I always feel good about myself when I figure out a way to fix or replace something myself instead of going to the store. That fabric will be a vast improvement over the old ones!

  7. The curtans are perfect and so cheery!!
    Nice of DH to attend the quilt show:)

  8. Couldn't have matched it any better if you tried!!

  9. Great curtains. They will help make the space your own.
    My Mom had one of those egg beaters but I never had one. I do remember using hers and thinking it was fun.
    Glad you got to go to the quilt show. My DH just just gets that deer in the headlights look if I mention quilt related activities.

  10. The curtain fabric matches perfectly.....PRETTY.....
    We are now in Tenn. will leave here on Sunday for Texas, but the only info. we have now is that we will be in the Dallas soon as I know our schedule I will get in touch with you. I am looking forward to getting together. Hope to see you soon, Jewell

  11. Curtains are really nice, I bet it will look good in the camper. The egg beater is a neat find. Happy sewing!

  12. Wow, Ruth, I'm not sure that you would have found a better match of fabric if you'd gone shopping. Perfect that you could pull it out of your stash! I'm lucky that my husband likes to look at all the quilts--we spent a lot of time in the museum at Paducah. You'll be all set to take off on a trip soon. Mary

  13. Love the match on the curtains;) I've seen old curtains on windows and always wonder why they don't the small amount of effort to go at least buy some new ones.
    My husband is a kitchen gadget fanatic. If it were up to him, he would have two of everything!!
    And getting the hubby to the show....great stuff!! Mine has gone a few times with me. I even managed to pull him along on a shop hop once so we would have an extra chance at winning the sewing machine!!
    Happpy Quilting!!