Saturday, July 19, 2008

Stitcheries, etc.

I made a couple more bags like the one I made for my sister.  I'm planning to put these on Etsy as soon as we get that set up.  We have a few other things we want to put on there as well.  I took this picture in the front of my house.  The bush is a crepe myrtle bush, which are wonderful in the Texas heat!
During my time in Arkansas helping DS & DIL get their house ready to move into, I had some down time to work on my Polka Dot Girls stitcheries - while sitting with Jonah on the porch while he napped, driving home in the car, etc.  I need to get some more traced to work on now.

Whoops!  I just noticed that I forgot to put the yellow centers on the flowers under the teapot!  

This is a set of pillowcases that my Mom embroidered probably 50 years ago or so.  I found them in a drawer after she died.  She enjoyed embroidering and she was really good at it.  I wish I was as good with the satin stitch as she was!  I would never do a buttonhole stitch border like this!  These have never been used!

The second set of pillowcases were ones that my grandmother crocheted the border on.  I have these on the bed in our guest room.  They don't really get used to sleep on!  I love having these old heirlooms from my family.    My sister has more linens from my Mom that she said she might want to get rid of ---  I said NO!  She will save them for me to look at next time I visit her.

Today I went to two quilt shops and to a quilt show in Midlothian, TX.  I will post some pictures next time!  

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  1. Hello Ruth
    Your polka dot girl stitcheries are looking great, you are doing well to have so many finished already.
    It gets a bit overwhelming doesn't it when you have so many projects to finish, just take your time and work on one or two at a time, you'll get there,

    I loved your American flag hanging from your house, it looks really good,
    I love American traditions and the way you do things,

    Talk to you soon
    Love Leanne