Saturday, March 8, 2008

Quilt Drawing at Old Red Barn Co

Please check out the quilt drawing at and leave a comment.  Dana is having the drawing for her 200th post.  If you refer someone and they put your name in their comment, you will get additional entries.  So, if you go there to leave a comment, please tell her I sent you.  

BTW,  I haven't figured out how to put in a picture or blog name that will link to the other location when you click on it.  I don't know where to get instructions for that.  Can anyone help me?  I'm still kind of new to this.


  1. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!! Thanks for posting about my quilt give away. And, also for putting it into your sidebar. Since you did both that gives you 10 extra entries into the drawing! The contest will actually begin on my 200th post which should happen sometime next week. Keep checking back.

    I'm off to bookmark your lovely blog right now.
    Thanks again!

  2. I connected to your blog through a link on another. I will gladly explain how to link after I get home from work. The short answer is, copy the the URL, go to whatever post you are creating, highlight the word you want to add the link to, click on the little icon that is green and looks like a little alien, and paste your link. Bottom line is it's in the toolbar of every post you create. I also saw that you visited our fair city of CC, Texas!!!! Small world!!!!!

  3. To make a link - when you are writing your post in the draft template you highlight what you want to link then click on the insert link button, it is the 3rd one over from the left (green with"")it will bring a box up that you can type your link into. I hope this makes sense.