Wednesday, March 26, 2008

2 gifts and 2 things done

I finished a gift for my DIL, whose birthday was last Friday! I decided to make her a tote bag and picked out a pattern called "The Sara Satchel" by Serendipity Studio. The sample in the quilt shop looked really good. After I bought the pattern, my first clue that it might be difficult to make was when I read the list of notions and buckram was on it. I had never heard of buckram, but finally found it at Hobby Lobby. With perseverance, it is finished and I think it turned out pretty good. It has two large pockets inside and two pockets on the back, along with the two pockets you can see on the front, plus the little zippered bag as shown. I got some buttons to sew on the little bag and the front pocket. There is a store near here that has TONS of buttons and zippers at cheap prices. You have to search through lots of boxes for the buttons, but it is worth it. I have also started a tote bag like this for me, which will be made with red, white and blue fabrics.This little stitchery is from Lynette Anderson Designs
and she will have one each month for a cute little Noah's Ark wall hanging. This is the first one and it started this month, so another one will be coming out next week.
Yesterday at work, a friend of mine had her annual pre-retirement party. This year, she has 4 years until her retirement. She has been having these pre-retirement parties for several years now! She's really is looking forward to retirement! She's worked for the government for 34 years; she started right out of high school. Anyway, she had a bunch of door prizes , food, etc. I won this necklace!
Then, I got a gift in the mail today from Anna
She had a drawing for people who left her comments on her blog and I was one of the winners. She sent me this pin cushion made of really pretty fabric. Thanks, Anna! I love the colors!

That's all for me tonight.


  1. I am glad you like the pin cushion. Isn't spring beautiful this year? It's been pretty dry so the blue bonnets aren't showing as much but the Primroses have really come out this year. I love to see first the Mountain Laurels bloom, then the Redbuds, then the other plants follow. That bag you made looks awesome! I love to make tote bags but I usually just like simple ones. I'll add you to my blog roll.


  2. Very nice tote bags. The fabrics are beautiful. Love your rabbits - I stitched them for my sister for Easter. Mine are still waiting to be done!

  3. I love the purse you made -- such pretty fabrics. It looks like it was well worth all the extra work!

  4. Hi Ruth,
    Was good to meet you and have supper with you last evening, hope you enjoyed our visit as much as I did.Thank you so very much for the hot pad also, I plan to hang it on my wall in my sewing room, it is WAY too pretty to sit something hot on.
    Now that I have finally gotten on your blog and not someone elses, I will certainly keep up with you.
    I have read all your past posts and saw all the beautiful work you do,WOW I liked all your quilts and everything else.
    Well, DH has been on the comp, all morning and now it's about time for us to leave, will be in Rockwall today.
    We are going to change motels next Monday so we don't have so far to travel each day.
    Take care and keep on Quilting Memories, Jewell