Saturday, August 14, 2021


 This was hanging in my closet for years and I finally finished the cross stitching on it!  I started this at least 11 years ago and due to the thickness of the area where the cross stitching was done, it was not fun to work on, so it went in the closet.  But NOW it is DONE!!  What is it?  It's a denim shirt with an eagle on the back. 

Another finish is this quilt named "Betsy" that I made for a customer in Indiana.  I returned the book to her and didn't write down the name of the designer.  All the fabrics were found in the civil war reproduction section of the quilt shop and that's why I asked the question about how to determine if the fabric is actually a reproduction.  However, some of the fabrics just worked with the pattern and I don't really know if they are repros.

This close up shows some of the fabrics better.

The backing color didn't turn out very well and the sunlight makes it look weird, but it is a Jo Morton fabric and is a darker brown .

Other news is that I entered a couple quilts in the Yamhill County Fair and won 2 ribbons.

2nd place

Pineapple Nine Patch - Blue Ribbon

That's about all the news I have today.  It has been very hot this week and got above 100º a couple days.


  1. OH how I love your projects!! Just gorgeous...very fun flag quilt!

  2. Congrats on the ribbons! I'm not surprises the pineapple one for a blue ribbon - they'd have to be blind not to! And good for you with the UFO finishes!

  3. Good for you on your finishes! Wish I could say the same! I love your "Betsy" quilt! I've never seen most of those fabrics in this area, but I would surely bet they are truly Reproduction fabrics! Glad you won ribbons at the show. That last quilt has LOTS of tiny pieces, doesn't it? ---"Love"

  4. Oh, my husband has an old denim shirt with an eagle embroidered on the back--from an old girlfriend years before we started dating.
    I really like your flag quilt.
    Congrats on the ribbons from the fair!

  5. Congratulations on the ribbons. I agree, your Pineapple Nine Patch deserves a blue ribbon! Love your quilt Betsy. Congratulations on finishing it and the jeans shirt too. Stay cool. ;^)

  6. Congratulations Ruth! Well deserved recognition for your beautiful quilts. That pineapple nine patch is a stunner. The flag quilt is terrific and I like the way the quilting makes the flags look like they are waving in the breeze. Good to get an old UFO finished.

  7. Congratulations on your finishes and ribbons. All are beautiful and know you are proud.