Friday, November 20, 2020


I finished the churn dash quilt and quilted it with fans.  The blocks were exchange blocks and were all different - a great variety!  I wanted to use a lot of the 1 3/4" HSTs that I had in a baggie and decided to add a cheddar border first. The HSTs were left overs from other projects but I still had to make more to have enough to go around. Then I added the yellow border.  I really love it!

I might be able to get a better picture later, but this gives you an idea of what it looks like.

In the mornings I walk with 2 neighbors and I thought I would share some of the local scenery.  We live almost in the middle of town, but there is a ravine that goes through the town just about a block from our house.  On our walk, we pass a huge tree that once was a gathering place for native Americans.  The tree must be over 100 years old.  You can see my 2 walking buddies looking down into the ravine to see how high the water in the creek has gotten as we have had a lot of rain lately.  I just love the tall fir trees!  

Are we in a forest? No!  We're in the middle of McMinnville, OR.

On our walk yesterday we saw lots of mushrooms that we haven't seen before.

These mushrooms were very tiny.

I hope you all are able to enjoy some of nature during this time.  It is something that can give us joy and some perspective about life.  And I also hope you will be able to gather with your families for Thanksgiving.  We had a small gathering yesterday to celebrate our son's birthday, and since he will be out of town next week for Thanksgiving, we had our Thanksgiving dinner/celebration at the same time with our son, his daughter (and her husband) and son, who are all in their 20s.  We had a wonderful visit with them.


  1. Your Churn Dash Quilt turned out really nice; the border(s) are perfect for it! What a beautiful place to walk! Quite different from Texas, isn't it? (Did you get my e-mails from a week or so ago?) Have a great day. Will be watching for what you work on next. I'm trying to get my nerve, energy, and balance up to trying to drag out some Christmas things next week. Slow as I am, it will be New Year's before I get things like I want them. ---"Love"

  2. I can't believe you needed to make more half square triangles. But at least you used up the leftovers, so count that as a win! The quilt looks amazing, as does the scenery from the middle of town. My town isn't large, but the middle of town has mostly houses and buildings. Some older trees in the yards of older houses, but nothing quite like this. It's always interesting to see how different towns are set up and I know your climate is different from ours, so I'm guessing that makes a difference.

  3. Love your churn dash quilt. That's a LOT of HSTs but it sure makes a lovely border. The forest's pictures are gorgeous. Enjoy! ;^)

  4. I really like the way you put the churn dash quilt together. That border of HST is a nice touch.
    What a lovely area in the center of town for your walks.
    In our state we are being asked not to gather with anyone that doesn't live in our home. We'll see how much people follow that counsel. We don't plan on a gathering, but our two sons, and the older one's wife may come for the day. No children involved, so it is easy to keep social distance. We would love to have our daughters and their families here, but that just gets complicated.

  5. Good job on that quilt! Was that from Barb's swap? If so, I hope you shared it with her. I love it!

    That big tree is amazing! How fun to be in the forest in the city!

  6. Wow, the burl on that first tree is intriguing! I'd love to be there as well. Even with the needed heavy coats. Your finish on the Churn Dash is lovely. I have blocks made, totally different flavor, but the versions are always so pretty.

  7. Your quilt is wonderful! Love the setting and adding the HST is a wonderful touch. The butterscotch is also a great choice. This is a beauty.
    Thank you for sharing the beautiful nature photos.

  8. Oh Ruth - another stunning quilt! The cheddar borders really bring it together and those wee HSTs were a perfect choice. That is some beautiful scenery and you are fortunate to have such delightful green space so close to home.

  9. That's a great finish, I do love churn dash blocks! I remember the ravine, your neighborhood is so pretty. Enjoy those walks!