Wednesday, April 29, 2020


Yesterday I received my doll quilt from Sandy as participants in Lori's doll quilt exchange!  Lori has been doing this for about 7 years and it is such fun!  I love my quilt, made with broken dishes blocks. I am amazed at the variety of fabrics in it and there are only 2 fabrics that I have had in my stash - all the others are new to me.  I just love it!

This is the back of the quilt, which has another beautiful fabric on it!  Thanks, Sandy!  She even hand quilted it.

I took this picture early this morning on my favorite chair for taking small quilt pictures.  You can't really see the chair, but I kind of liked the dark shading of the photo.

And here is a photo of the doll quilt that I made and sent to Patty.  I machine quilted mine.

I like to take pictures of doll quilts with a doll model.  This is Albert, my boy doll that had belonged to my Mom.

Thanks to Lori for organizing this exchange!!

On to another topic.....The house quilt that I blogged about on March 28.  I finally got the batting I had ordered.  I had already marked the quilt top using Barb's large fan template.  This is the first time that I have ever used the Flexion pen, but I finally bought one.  


Yesterday I basted the quilt and started quilting it.

Hopefully, you all are doing well and keeping busy by quilting and possibly even cleaning out closets!  I plan on organizing at least one closet, but haven't don't it yet.  I hope I get to it before they open up the state because if I don't, I'm afraid I will put it off some more.  Yesterday I wasted a couple hours on the phone getting a quote for car and house insurance, only to find out that they recommended that I keep the company I have!  At least they were honest about it.

So, happy quilting to you all!


  1. Both little quilts are adorable. What a fun swap! The houses are fun, too, though I don't remember them...but this has been a crazy couple of months... I've been trying to get things done at home, too, but being "essential" means my life is much the same, just trips to the grocery store are a little more depressing than average! But I'm thankful to be working instead I'd worrying and happy to have a stash of fabrics and quilt tops and books to keep me busy when I'm home. Kitties, too...

  2. Ruth preciosas las dos colchas ¡¡Felicidades!! me encantan las dos

  3. What a lovely little quilt you got. I also love the one you made. Just adorable, Ruth. ;^)

  4. Two sweet little quilts! I like your house quilt too, have fun quilting it into another lovely finish!

  5. Such cute little doll quilts, both of them! Your little boy doll is just gorgeous! I'm learning I don't have to go anywhere! You know how I love having company. Well, this week so far, friends and son have brought in meals; all I've had to fix so far is my breakfast. How 'bout that? Of course, with all the company, I haven't gotten any quilting done, but we've had fun just visiting. Maybe tomorrow I can quilt. ---"Love"

  6. You got a winner and the one you made is wonderful too!
    Hope you like the stencil. Are you machine quilting?
    We'll have twinny quilts when you're done - how fun!

  7. Both little swap quilts are adorable, little quilts are so much fun! The house quilt is very pretty, too. I've looked at the fan templates, don't know what size would be best for my quilting. I need to check them out again. I also love little Albert, he is adorable and such a treasure!

  8. I adore the quilt you made and rec'd! Love your house quilt too!

  9. Both little quilts are terrific. I like your fan quilting. House quilt looks fab!