Saturday, March 21, 2020


WARNING:  Heavy with non-quilting pictures!

We had the trip to Hawaii planned for a whole year and there weren't any "rules" by the time our flight left on March 12.  There didn't seem to be any reason for not going, so we went!  During the week that we were there, things changed and things started to close.

I took 2 different hand work projects on the trip.  One was knitting dish cloths and I finished 2 and started a third.  I also worked on an embroidery project from Jenny of Elefantz.  There will be one per month and at the end it can be made into a quilt or a book!  Jenny is giving directions to make it into a book and I'm leaning that way.

I still need to put a beak and an eye on the bird as well as another spiral under the first leaf.

Now to the trip!  Our youngest son is in the Air Force as many of you know, and he will be retiring at the end of this month.  He had stayed at this cabin last year (the cabins are 50 feet from the beach) and this year was the last time he could reserve it since it's on a military base.  He invited us to go too.  They have 2 boys, ages 9 and 11, so of course we wanted to go to be with them.  Here are a few pictures. I'm sorry that none of the pictures have the boys faces as they don't want them put on the internet.

Last Friday we went to this beautiful lagoon to do some snorkeling and hopefully see some sea turtles.  When we got there, some people were gathered in a certain area because they saw some turtles, but then the turtles went away.  I decided to swim over to the area by the rocks (see below) and then my son pointed over to that area and said he saw a couple turtles.  I continued to swim over and got to see 2 sea turtles!!  In fact, one of them brushed up against my arm!  I was so happy!!

I didn't have a water proof camera to take a picture, so I took a picture of the postcard that I sent to my granddaughter.  They are just amazing!

Saturday we went to the Polynesian Cultural Center and saw various shows demonstrating some of the dances and languages of the island cultures.  This one was for Hawaii:

There is also a quilt shop at the cultural center where they actually have Hawaiian fabrics for sale as well as hand quilted quilts.  This description on how to make a Hawaiian quilt was on the wall:

We went to Waikiki Beach for DS and my grandsons to have a surfing lesson.  The weather was perfect that morning.

DS is on a surf board in the water, Eli (9) is being helped on his board by the instructor and Jonah (11) is waiting.
Below they are paddling out to the deeper water with the instructor.  They were too far out when they were able to stand up on the surfboards to be able to take a picture of that.  They all did really well and were able to stand up to do some surfing, although the boys said that they were better at it than their Dad was!

This is a view down the beach and you can see Diamond Head.

One day we went to Iolani Palace and saw the room where Queen Liliuokalani was imprisoned and the crazy quilt she made during her imprisonment.  I have a couple pictures of parts of the quilt.

It was pouring down rain and we didn't have an umbrella, so we got soaked.

There is a reflection of the light fixture at the top of this picture because the quilt is under glass.

More reflections on the top left.

We went to the the Pacific Aviation Museum (which was partly closed) in Pearl Harbor.  The Arizona memorial was closed, which was a big disappointment.

That's the trip and it was fabulous!  I can't even believe how much we packed into the week!  Our flight home was a little over 5 hours - we left Hawaii about 1:00 PM and with the time change arrived in Portland, OR about 9:00 PM.  Our son & family didn't get home until Friday morning at 7 AM and they left at the same time we did.  They got re-routed through Cincinnatti!  They live in Kansas and changed planes in Seattle, then to Cincinnati and back to Kansas.  Does that make any sense?

Now that we are home, we are going to stay away from people just in case we got some germs while on the plane coming back.  We don't want to spread anything.  Everyone seemed to be healthy, but what do we know?

Thanks for visiting.  I hope you are all doing well.  Maybe we can get a lot of sewing done since we will be home more (or less sewing if you have kids home from school).  The LQS is closed at least until April 1, but I might have enough fabric to keep me busy!


  1. I'm so glad you got to have a wonderful time with your family, and in such a beautiful place. I'm also glad you didn't get locked up in isolation on your return home. Enjoy your self-imposed isolation; I don't think there's much of a chance you will run out of fabric! ---"Love"

  2. Sounds and looks like a wonderful experience. My youngest daughter and her family were scheduled to be in Hawaii next week, but have canceled now, of course. They had been planning the trip for months and the kids were so excited.
    I hope to get to the Polynesian Cultural Center someday.
    Hawaiian applique quilts boggle my mind. And that crazy quilt is really something!
    Hope nothing develops during your self-quarantine!!

  3. Nice holiday. Happy to hear you are back home. Stay safe. ;^)

  4. The trip sounds amazing and I'm glad you got to spend time with family before the big trouble hit. I look forward to seeing what you create from your stash in the coming weeks!

  5. I am glad you are well, and I am also happy you could make that trip. You just missed the cutoff dates, but I suppose Hawaii would be a good place to be quarantined! Love the embroidered pieces.

  6. I'm glad you were able to enjoy your trip. My husband and I live in Honolulu for two years 20 years ago when he was grad student, and I'd love to go back and visit. Enjoy shopping your stash for your next project!

  7. What a wonderful trip! I love Hawaii. I went in the early 80s with my Mom. We visited the zoo at diamond head it was great.
    glad you are home safe and sound and hope you continue to be well

  8. So lucky you got to go on your trip before all this corona craziness! Looks like a fantastic time.