Saturday, March 23, 2019


Yes, I have very delinquent concerning posting lately.   I have been reading some of my favorite blogs, but not wanting to spend oodles of time with it as I have been trying to get things done in the quilting room.

For one thing, I am getting ready for the first craft show of the year at the Yamhill County Heritage Museum.  The museum is only a couple miles from my home and it is a wonderful place for many fun events.  Click on the link and then click on Farm Fest & Plowing Competition.  Last year was the first time I had been to that event and it was amazing!  It was rainy, windy and cold.  I didn't think there would be many people there.  I was very wrong!  People came to see the plowing competition and there were horses and mules everywhere.  So much fun and so interesting!  I didn't get to see everything because I had to "man" the booth, but managed to get outside a few times.  You can see my post from last year here.

Here are a couple things I've made for the sale.

Kitchen towel with bunnies

Lap quilt

Last month DH and I met my BIL/SIL in Ocean Side, WA for a barbershop singing concert which we enjoyed immensely.  There was a quilt shop in the town and I got this "printed interfacing" kit to make this flag.  I saw the flag hanging in the quilt shop and was intrigued.  The owner said you just sew along the lines to make the stripes.

I didn't realize what she meant until I got home and looked at the instructions.

You sew the interfacing onto the fabric in strips and then have to turn it like a tube and then you can iron the stripes onto the white fabric.  It wasn't very easy to turn the long tubes of fabric and interfacing because the interfacing tears very easily, but I got it done.  There is one more printed interfacing so I can make another flag.

I'm quilting it now.  I also basted a couple other things, so now I have 4 more things to quilt when I'm finished with the flag.

Spring has arrived and the weather has turned very nice.  Trees and flowers are starting to bloom - well, the daffodils have been blooming for a few weeks already.

Happy Spring!


  1. What fun "Ruth"! So excited for you and know you will have a great time. Your creations are wonderful love the bunny towel. Have a fun day!

  2. The flag is neat, but I can imagine how frustrating turning that interfacing is! Good luck at the craft show and hopefully you get some time away from the booth to see a few more events this year.

  3. The bunny towel is adorable, such a cute idea! The flag looks great but it sounds so complicated. Have fun at the craft show, hope you do well!

  4. The flag kit looks a little confusing, but it is cute.
    Good luck on the craft fair!!