Wednesday, November 2, 2016


I just had to show pictures of my DIL's car that we set up as a doll house for the Trunk and Treat at our church.  My sweet 7 year old GD dressed up as Super Girl.

The doll house idea was just about the only thing I could think of, and I think it was kind of cute.  I couldn't fit as much in as I wanted to.  The doll bed was made for me by my Grandpa around 1950 and the doll in it was my Mom's doll.  I made the cloth doll sitting in the chair on the left and my sister gave me the little sewing machine that is on the desk part of the chair.

Last night we went to DS#2's home to watch the Chicago Cubs beat the Indians!!!  GO, CUBS!!  Since we were both born in Chicago and raised in the area, we have always been Cubs fans - well, mainly DH, but I'm definitely rooting for them to win the World Series.  Tonight we're going back to watch the final game and I'm fixing crock pot beef stew to take over there.

Obviously taken before the end of the game.  Final score was 9-3!

Sorry this is blurry


  1. Have fun! This Series has certainly been exciting!
    What a fun trunk or treat event, your granddaughter looks like she had a great time.

  2. What a precious cargo this van is hauling. Wow! So happy you shared those pictures with us. The doll bed, and the doll in it, must be so precious to you.I remember having decals like that one on my crib (which stayed in the guest bedroom for ages). I would like to know about the little stroller on the right. It is quite unusually. Granddaughter sports an awesome smile. She is adorable. ;^)

  3. Your granddaughter is a doll!
    That is a very cute little scene you created for the "trunk". : )
    That was quite a game, wasn't it? I have no ties to one team or the other, but I have family members rooting for each side. I try to stay neutral, but I like it to be competitive, so this is fun.

  4. "Super Girl" is so cute, and really growing up! I'd never have thought of a doll house setting in the back of a vehicle for the occasion; great idea, and safe for all your special things. I plan to watch tonight and hope the Cubs do win; wouldn't that be wonderful? Have fun with your family tonight! Of course, around here the conversation and focus is on the Cowboys quarterback(s?)! I've made my choice, and Jones should too! Today I'm working on a special project; will share more later. ---"Love"


  5. What a heart stopping game number 7 was! We grew up on the South side of Chicago so we were White Sox fans but certainly support the Cubs. So glad they won the world series.

    Cute idea for the trunk. Your granddaughter is a sweetie.


  6. cute trunk!!
    I am a south sider so it was always White Sox = but I'm thrilled for my hometown!!

  7. Such a cute little gal! And what a creative idea for your trunk. Quick and easy to pull together and perfect for you! I hope the kids enjoyed it.