Wednesday, July 20, 2016


I finished another E Pluribus Unum wall hanging as a gift for my brother's birthday.  His is on the left and the one on the right is hanging in my living room.  I made the original one in February and posted about it here.  All the bow tie blocks are from the block swap last year that Barb at Fun with Barb organized.  I think I have a few of those blocks left over.

DS/DIL/GD have moved into their rent house and I have my sewing room back for the first time in about a month!!!!  I can't wait to get back to quilting again.  They live a couple miles from us so we will be seeing them on a regular basis, which is great.  My DIL is from India and is a fabulous cook!  My DS is now working at the local hospital - he's a RN.  And my GD, Abby, will be going into 3rd grade.  She loves to go to parks and we have been to a number of the parks in town, but maybe not all.  We all have been enjoying seeing the deer that come into our neighborhood regularly.

This is one of the best playgrounds!  We went here on Monday and the temperature was in the 60s - it was delightful!  She wants to go back there again.  They didn't have these kind of playgrounds when I was growing up.

Thanks, dear readers, for your comments.  I just haven't had time to respond to all of them.  Hopefully, I will get organized and start accomplishing something!


  1. That is a great way to use the panel and the swap blocks.
    How nice to have your son and his family settled so near. And that does look like a very fun playground!
    Now get into your sewing room and play. : )

  2. Great finish, your brother is sure to love it! How wonderful to have your Abby living so nearby, treasure every moment with her and all the grands.

  3. I bet your son and family are excited to get settled into their new place. And I know playgrounds were not that cool when I was a kid. I am betting you are happy to have your son, DIL and Abby close by. Enjoy.

  4. Both those quilts are beautiful and so very special! Our school had what we called the climbing castle. It was made from 1.5" galvanized pipes put together in about 30" squares, probably 8 sections wide and 10 sections high. The corner sections didn't have the lower crossbars, so we could hang by our knees there. If one were really brave, he/she could climb to the top and hang down very carefully from the top bars. That truly was our favorite place to play. I don't think there's such a thing anywhere anymore. That was at least 70 years ago! Good Grief!! (It was more fun that today's phones that keeps kids sitting down all the time!) ---"Love"

  5. What a good use for the bow tie blocks. I did not participate in the swap but have so enjoyed seeing how the blocks were put to use.

  6. I didn't understand all you've said about DIL/DS/GD but i can tell you your quilt is awesome ! I participated with pleasure in this swap too and I appreciated it a lot !
    Bravo for this finish !

  7. wow!
    I just love how the bow ties frame these quilts.
    It is amazing to be that swap blocks can all play together so so well.
    Happy Sewing.

  8. Fantastic use of the bow tie blocks!
    I am hand quilting mine today!