Thursday, May 14, 2015


Saturday I went to a special event at Aurora Colony in Aurora, OR.  A friend of mine had bought a ticket for this event and then was unable to go, so she gave it to me.  It was a special day with Emma, who was a pioneer arriving in Oregon in 1853.  Jane Kirkpatrick, author of the Change and Cherish Historical Series about Emma was there for a book signing, tour of the colony and speech about her books.  Besides the Change and Cherish series, Jane has written numerous other historical novels and I have enjoyed reading some of them.  I plan to read all her books and do recommend them to you.  Here is her web site.

Emma Wagner Giesy House
 I also had some time to visit a few of the many antique shops in Aurora.

Quilt in antique shop
 The old Aurora Depot is now an antique shop.

Train Depot built in the 1800s

Another quilt in a different antique shop

 It was wonderful to spend time with one of my sons and my oldest GD on Mother's Day (and of course DH).  It was the first Mother's Day in several years that I have actually been with one of my sons.  He took us out to eat at the McMinneman Hotel in McMinnville, OR and we ate in the restaurant the roof of the hotel.  It was cloudy, but very pleasant.

View from the roof of the hotel.
I have finally gotten back to working on my DJ quilt!  As I was getting some blocks prepped, I noticed this super easy one and decided to make it right away.  I also came across the perfect fabric for it.  I have 7 other blocks prepped for hand appliqué.

I have a little over 30 blocks finished and 6 triangles pieced.

My garden is in and is happy after a couple rainy days!  Happy quilting and gardening! 


  1. Thanks again for another little trip review; I enjoyed it. Glad you had a great time with your son and family. Love the fabrics in your DJ block. ---"Love"

  2. I think the events at Aurora always look wonderful! So glad you got to attend.
    Love the fabric you used in your DJ block.
    There are many McMenamins and all are so unique!!

  3. I put this author on my Amazon wish list so I will remember her books for next time I order.

  4. Sounds like you had an excellent weekend!
    I'm not familiar with that author, but sounds like one I would enjoy.
    I do like that fabric in your DJ block. Very pretty!

  5. Oh Ruth, I'm green with envy - the good sort though!! I LOVED, LOVED the story of Emma!!!! I have those books and another by Jane K. that is about the Aurora colony. I'm looking forward to the day when I can actually visit!! Thanks so much for sharing the photos!! So glad you had a good time!!

    DJ fabric is scrumptious!!!

    Blessings and hugs!

  6. thanks for a lovely blogpost! fantastic dj fabric too1 have fun piecing this quilt!

  7. This looks like a trip I would love. I'm sorry I'm so far away in Ohio. I think I'd also like the books - will have to try them.

  8. looks like fun - I love that double pink and HST quilt!

  9. Looks like you had a wonderful weekend! Is your DJ fabric a Jo Morton fabric?

  10. That looks like a wonderful weekend event. Love the old quilts. So much inspiration!

  11. Thanks for sharing your visit to Aurora - I love old towns, buildings and heritage stuff. That's a handsome view by which to enjoy lunch. Nice DJ block.

  12. Its a lovely fabric for your DJ block. I just read some of your other blogposts and saw the pineapple 9 block-quilt that you are planning to make. It is just the same quilt I would love to make in the future. I saw on the internet diferent use of colours but love this one the most. In which colours do you want to make this quilt ?
    You have a lovely blog.