Friday, October 25, 2013


Yesterday I went with a friend to Corsicana, Texas to the 33rd (Wow) annual Piecemakers' Guild Quilt Show.  They do things differently in Corsicana and I really like their system.  First of all, their quilt show lasts all month - and it is free!  Yes, it is on display for the whole month  - or I guess for 4 weeks during October.

Secondly, during the quilt show, they hand quilt next year's raffle quilt!  Yes!  Their raffle quilts are hand quilted!!!  I do love that.  These ladies are dedicated, are they not?

Here are some of my favorite quilts from the show.

Blue Baskets by Becky Stephenson

Grace and Glory, by Judy Green

Garden Party by Judy Green
I'm sorry I didn't get all the titles and makers of the quilts.  There were many other beauties there.  The pictures aren't the best as they were taken with my cell phone.

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  1. looks like it was a nice show -
    thanks for sharing the quilts!

  2. Beautiful baskets! Especially love Blue Baskets and Garden Party!

  3. Wow, it was hard to choose which one I liked the best, they are all real beauties, and the colors and design on the first one are truly spectacular. Thanks for sharing - I love visiting quilt shows!

  4. Indeed those are all beautiful quilts! Just as interesting is the fact that they are all different from quilts I've seen at all the other shows I've visited. It's my first time to see any of these patterns at a show. That first one is really special! ---"Love"

  5. There are some great quilts there, thanks for sharing the pictures!

  6. I like the quilts you did get photos of!! It sounds like they've worked out a great system after 33 years!!

  7. They are all beautiful. I kept being drawn back to Blue Baskets. Traditional designs, well executed, with a bit of a twist are usually my favs!

  8. looks like an amazing show. Wow a whole month! How do they do that? Ours is two days plus set up day and I can hardly get through that.
    Beautiful quilts. Thyanks for sharing.

  9. Simply stunning quilts and beautiful work. Thank you for sharing the photos!