Tuesday, June 25, 2013


The first two rows of DGD's quilt top are sewn together.  I took a couple pictures to give you an idea.  
on the couch

on the floor
I hope she has time to sew this week.  Today is out as she has a babysitting job.  

Yesterday we went back to Salem to tour Deepwood Estate.  It was a rainy day and I forgot to bring my good camera, so these pictures were taken with my phone and it wasn't light enough for most of them to turn out.  The house was built in 1894.

It cost $15,000 to build it, which was a lot of money for a house in those days, but it had all the modern conveniences, including indoor plumbing with hot and cold water and even electricity!  There were lots of stained glass windows, even in the bathroom!

Lovely window in the stairway.

Original bath tub was not a claw foot.

Entry way stained glass with a replica of Thomas Edison's light bulb in the light fixture.
The rest of the day yesterday I spent working on a dress for Abby.  It's a sun dress, so I need to get it sent soon.  It has a little bolero jacket and she will be able to wear it to school when it starts.

We now have a son living on the Atlantic Coast, one on the Gulf Coast and one near the Pacific Coast! Are they trying to stay far apart from each other or us?  That is my question.  Of course the one who just moved to the Atlantic Coast did it on orders of the Air Force, so they didn't have much choice in the matter.  I can't wait to see their new house - maybe this fall.


  1. The quilt is coming along nicely.
    Looks like a fascinating house!

  2. Wonderful old house and the stained glass windows are beautiful. It didn't have any quilts?
    DGD is making a beautiful quilt and doing a really good job of it! Nice!

  3. It's "dumb" that we so often think only our generation knows how to build beautiful places! I wonder how many houses built today will stand the same test of time; not many I'm guessing. The quilt is really neat---and big, and looks complicated, but I think maybe I've figured it out! Have fun! ---"Love"

  4. Love this scrappy goodness! Which pattern is this?

  5. I think your phone takes great pictures!


  6. The house looks gorgeous!
    I love the bricks and stepping stones quilt. It's coming along wonderfully!

  7. This quilt looks so wonderful now.
    I´m looking forward to see more.

  8. The quilt is looking beautiful. She is doing a great job.
    The pics of the house are good. Love that they had hot and cold water and electricity. The stained glass is so great in those old houses.

  9. Your grand daughters quilt is so pretty! I love the black and white in among the colors. That is so cool! The house looks so interesting, thanks for the "tour". Having your kids and grands spread out so far apart is hard, but it makes for some great trips! Enjoy the rest of your visit!

  10. The quilt looks great. As for where your kids move, perhaps they had mom and dad in mind - hoping if they live somewhere with lots of good places to visit (like oceans...) you'd visit more often?

  11. Your DGD's quilt is looking great. How nice that she is interested in quilting, too. My Marine son just moved from CA to NC. I guess we'll just go with the flow, won't we? Enjoy!

  12. Stepping Stones is looking good! What an interesting house. Wish I could build one that flash for $15 000 nowadays.