Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Civil War Block from Saturday.

Eli playing with toys from the toy box in the new camper (5th wheel).  There's a cabinet under the refrigerator where a box fits perfectly.  I filled it with some books and toys for the grandkids.

Jonah was very happy with our new camper!  The cabinets above the table are filled with my sewing supplies and fabric.

He wanted me to take his picture, but then he would hide his face!

I'm using my little HST quilt on my bedside table in the camper.  I'm going to make one for DH's side too, but I think it will be 1" squares.

This counter top is perfect for doing my rotary cutting and ironing seams.

We have a little Christmas tree by the kitchen sink.

We can't believe there is so much storage.  Even with all the Christmas presents we packed, there is still more room.

Thanks for everyone's nice comments.  I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season!


  1. I love your CW block fabrics! I printed the page, but just tucked it in my notebook for later---much later!
    Your fifth wheel looks great and very roomy. I knew the kids would love it, but then, they would love any place where Granny is, wouldn't they?
    Have fun, and be careful! ---"Love"

  2. Looks like you have all the bases covered! Even the little trees--nice. The little quilted pieces add the homey touch to your home on the road. : )

  3. I'm glad Eli approves! Too cute that he's being camera shy. And what's that stove? I think it's better than the one in my house! As for too much storage...well...you could always make some extra stops at quilt shops and fill that up, right? Enjoy your Christmas!

  4. It looks great! And it is Jonah approved!!

  5. Your home away from home looks really cozy! Enjoy your holidays with your family.

  6. The camper looks very nice! It is even decorated for Christmas. Tell those boys to stop growing so fast. Eli looks very happy playing in the camper. And Jonah is playing hard to get with us, hiding his adorable face.
    Enjoy the grands and the holidays.

  7. Love the camper, a great home away from home and the kids look like they love it too. Your CW block looks great and so does the hst quilt.