Thursday, December 2, 2010


There are so many quilting bloggers having giveaways, and I enter them if it is just a matter of leaving a comment.  So, I have gotten very lucky lately and here is a fabulous giveaway that I won from Melissa at Libbies Home.  There are several pictures.  The first one has a candle on the left and 3 votive candles on the right in a wood box that says "Simplify."  These are battery lit candles and I love them!  They even flicker!  That's not all.
Next is this cute little pillow.....
Then, this stocking with the pattern and fabric to make several more.....
Then, these three snowmen on a string.  They really smell good.
And, last but not least, the plaid towel, which I placed in front of my fireplace with the pillow leaning on my rocking horse and the snowmen on a string hanging on the fire screen.   Can you believe all the cute gifts I received?  Thanks so much, Melissa!
Another blogger  (Thread Head) is having a "quilt along"  and I really like the pattern, so I decided to join in.  However, I'm not really quilting along very well.  There is too much going on right now, but I plan to pick up on it later.  I decided to make a couple test blocks to see how I like it.  The second block is this churn dash - and that is what actually convinced me to join in, because I had been wanting to make a churn dash quilt.  I love this block!  The 2 main fabrics were some I bought in Illinois when we were there and I love them.  
This block is called "Alabama Variation" and it will be the alternating block.  If you go to look at the web site you can see all the other blocks she has posted so far.  I am thinking about using some and not others, or even just using the churn dash blocks alternating with the Alabama variation block.  I will be thinking about this and won't be working on this until sometime next year.
In about a week and a half, we'll be leaving on our trip to visit 2 of our sons and their families.  We are looking forward to the birth of a new grandson and just being with our family.  I hope all of you will be able to spend some time with family over the Christmas holidays.


  1. Wow, congratulations on your wins! I also love your new Christmasy banner, so festive! Enjoy your trip and family for the holidays!

  2. Time to buy a lotto ticket? ! LOL Congrats on teh wonderful wins!

    I lvoe yoru two blocks and think they'd be perfect together.

  3. Congratulations! I'm thinking of also joining Joanne's quilt along. The blocks and the quilt looks beautiful. I love the fabrics in your churn dash.

  4. Congratulations!!
    Your blocks look great - I love the fabrics you chose!!♥

  5. Yes, the Thread Head quilt along is one I plan to begin soon. The nine patch in your churn dash is delicious ~ love your blocks. ~~Lisa

  6. You lucky "dawg"! Of course, I guess I shouldn't expect to win when I don't enter! Lots of nice winnings, as well as plans for next year! (I love your Christmas music! But it slows me down; I want to sing along!) ---"Love"

  7. What a fantastic prize to win. Congratulations.

  8. You're so lucky! (Can I come over and rub you and maybe some will rub off on me?) Congrats! The blocks look great, too. I look forward to seeing where this quilt along goes for you.

  9. What a fabulous win! Congrats.
    Love your churn dash block, great colors. Look forward to seeing more. Enjoy your travels and your time with family.

  10. Love all the stuff you won - that's always a treat when you win. :) And I love your tumbler quilt in the background - I want to make one so it's on my "next year's list." blessings, marlene

  11. Colngratulations on the beautiful little bundle of love :-)