Wednesday, October 13, 2010

OLD SCRAPBOOK (and sweet grandchildren)

When we were in Illinois, we went through a lot of boxes of pictures, etc. which my Mom had saved (she saved everything).  I found a scrapbook that she put together when she was about 16 years old (see the magazine dated 1927).  She always loved children and apparently was looking forward to being a mother some day.  All her life, she loved babies and children - and they loved her (of course the candy in her purse didn't hurt).

On the cover, she put the name "Gladys" I think because she had told me she always liked that name (it was her middle name.

I just thought the scrapbook was really sweet and I'm keeping it as a momento.  It's amazing that the pages are in really good shape after all these years.

I recently got some current pictures of our darling granddaughter (20 months).  What a sweetie!
And here's Jonah (2 years 4 months) in the pumpkin patch (he wouldn't smile, but I thought it was a cute picture anyway).
I miss them so much!

BTW, our craft sale went well and we sold lots of stuff!  Another one is scheduled for November 7.


  1. It's nice to find stuff that meant something to our family members in such good condition;) The kids look like they are having a ball;)
    Happy Quilting!!

  2. The pictures of the grandkids are precious, smiling or not!
    And what a sweet find you made! I'm in the process of getting ready for my sister's estate sale soon, and my own garage sale this weekend. I've been finding similar things both places; makes me a bit nostalgic. I'll be sharing some things soon. ---"Love"

  3. What a great scrapbook. I love those pictures.
    Fast forward to today... Great pics of the grands. They are adorable.

  4. Your grandkids are too cute. And the old pictures are a fun snapshot into life so many years ago.

  5. What a wonderful find! Your grandkids are very cute - smile or no smile. I love the "no smile" pictures as much as the smiley ones, because they show another mood. No one smiles every moment, no matter how happy they are!

  6. Its great when you find stuff like that, old stuff is cool. Love the photo's of the grandkids. Karen x

  7. Great scrapbook! Beautiful grandchildren! I can imagine you miss them!
    I am glad the craft sale went well.

  8. The photos are lovely and your grandchildren are adorable.

  9. Thank you for sharing the scrapbook. Your grandkids are adorable. I miss mine terribly!!

  10. Thank you for sharing all the treasured pictures and your grandchildren who so cute.

    Little Master. "Jonah" with his adorable look and cute as can be sitting on the crate with pumpkins---what a look, love it!

    Hope you are having a great week end. Hugs, Carolyn :)