Monday, December 21, 2009


I still can't believe it! Friday was my last day at work! I'm officially retired!!!!!!! On my last day I had a picture taken of the judge and me in the courtroom where we spent so much time. We worked together for over 11 years and I couldn't have had a better boss. It was a wonderful career for me and I am very appreciative of the opportunity that I had to work in the Federal Court.
The judge has a career law clerk who I have enjoyed worked with also and she is holding up the quilt I gave her as a going away gift.

Among the gifts I received from some of my friends are this beautiful shawl,
...and this gorgeous necklace. I also received two travel books to provide information as we hopefully do some traveling around this great country of ours!
The Court's holiday luncheon was held with prizes given for food that people provided. I won 2nd prize in the salad contest and received the mug, which will be a special momento from my time in the Court.
I will miss everyone, but now I am FREE!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. congrats!!!! I am so happy for you, can't wait to see and hear more about your quilting projects now that you will have a bit more time!

  2. You retire and you make a quilt for someone! LOL Congratulations!! I hope you get to do lots of traveling!

  3. WooHoo!!! Congratulations! Just think of all the new quilt time you're going to have!!! Merry Christmas!

  4. Congratulations! Sounds like you already have some fun plans in mind.

  5. Congratulations, your life is about to change in a big way. Have a great Christmas.

  6. Congratulations! Sounds like you've got great plans for the next phase of your life.

  7. Congratulations on your retirement. You deserve to have lots of free time now for stitching. That is a lovely quilt you made for the judge!