Saturday, March 14, 2009


I went to the Dallas Quilt Show today and took some pictures. These are some of the quilts I liked best. I like traditional patchwork best, which you can probably tell from my selections.

This quilt is by Theri, who blogs on . The way the colors are used makes it look like it's glowing!
This one looks three dimensional.

I love reproductions too!

It was a fun day and I spent quite a bit of time happily vising vendors & spending money! Now, I need to rest!


  1. Love the quilts from the show. Be sure and show us your "loot"...

  2. Thanks for sharing the pictures from the to see such fabulous quilts.

  3. Amazing! Theri's quilt is fantastic but I love so many of the others. The pinwheel is definitely added to the list and the four baskets and the reproduction. The three-dimensional quilt is so clever. It would be fun to make.

    Thanks for the great pix!

    Cheers...Ann :)