Monday, December 8, 2008


I finished Jonah's Christmas stocking this morning! Yeah!! My car wouldn't start and we had to call AAA to get it towed this morning. My husband had a doctor's appointment, so I decided to stay home because the judge is in Mexico to transfer some US citizens in jail down there back to the US to serve their sentences here instead. I'm so glad I got this finished, because we could be called at any time to go to Florida because another DIL is due to deliver on Dec 29, but who knows, the baby could come any time now! I'm trying to get my ducks in a row, so to speak, in case we need to go earlier than expected!
Here's a doll quilt I made for a craft show on Saturday.

This doll quilt will be sent to a grand niece for Christmas. It is a cheater quilt, but I hand quilted it to make up for using a panel! I made one like this for my first GD years ago before I got too involved in quilting (she's 16 yo now).
Better get busy on some other projects! Happy quilting & decorating to all!


  1. I love all your projects. The cheater quilts are great for children. The learn to appreciate the quilt and gift, but can use it anywhere without worry. I love it.

    As far as the tour, when you go to the other blog it will have links on line for all the other blogs involved. You will be able to go there from mine.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  2. That Jonah is a real cutie pie. You did a good job on his stocking and now all set for Santa to feel it with goodies. Both the doll quilts are very nice.

  3. Nothng wrong with cheater panels - they have there uses and yours is such a delightful one. Jonah's stokcing is wonderful - plenty of room for Santa's goodies.

    The doll quilt for the craft stall is charming. You've been such a busy lady.

    Happy Stitching...Ann :)

  4. Hi G! How fun, ANOTHER baby!!! praying all goes well! ha, and that D doesn't wring his hands too much :0)

    I have a panel with a big flying eagle on it, I've been saving up fabric with natural prints(like stones, fir needles, wood grain,feathers, etc) to someday embellish it for a wall hanging. Operative word--SOMEDAY :D. Maybe next time you come visit we can have an in-house gal-ivanting day and work on stuff like this. Happy baby-watch! Love, Celeste

  5. I'm having another grandbaby in 3 weeks - can't wait! I'm going to make doll quilts and pillows for 2 of my granddaughters so I sure wish I had some cheater panels to do it with. :) blessings, marlene

  6. Oh....How sweet stocking is! It's so darling. :-)
    and your doll quilts are absolutely beautiful! I love them!!!

  7. Yay, you finished the stocking! Love the doll quilts!

  8. OH the stocking is grand. I know how much love and work went into it!!! The lil quiltlets ae precious too of course.

  9. The little quilts are beautiful, you did a great of them.


  10. Lovely stocking and what cute doll quilts! Thanks for sharing!