Friday, June 27, 2008

Busy Week

I made this bag for my sister to use as a lunch bag.  When I told her she was very hard to buy gifts for, she came up with some suggestions, one of which was a lunch bag.  I had this pattern for the "Button Bag" from This and That Patterns  so I used the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum charm squares to make it.  It was quick and easy to make - I think I'll make some more of these.

My quilt guild hands out a BOM each month and I try to make one or usually 2 of them.  This is the block for July and we will be putting them together to make a quilt for the Fisher House  that is being built near the VA Hospital in Dallas, TX.  All the guilds in the area are making quilts for the beds.  I think it is supposed to open in September.
I've been buying a lot of fabric lately...I can't help it...really!  This collection is going to be used in my Polka Dot Girls quilt.  I am working on the stitchery for the first block, but haven't had much time this week.
This fabric is for the A Tisket A Tasket wall hanging by Liberty Star that I admired at a quilt shop (check out the designers blog here.  My girlfriend bought me the pattern and 2 of the fabrics as an early birthday gift!  I got the 2 fabrics on the top at the Mesquite Quilt Show on Saturday.  I still need more pinks and browns for this project.
I'm busy today getting ready for my DS#3, DIL & new GS to arrive.  They are moving from the Naval Air Station where they were instructor pilots, to another Air Force Base where DS will be stationed.  My DIL will be a stay at home Mommy!  I just took a blueberry pie out of the oven and cooked some potatoes for potato salad.  More cleaning & shopping to do this afternoon.  Have a great weekend, everyone!  I can't wait until they (especially Jonah) get here!  My rocking chair is ready!


  1. beautiful fabrics, I know the projects will be beautiful also. Have fun with baby Jonah, its about "time" for ours to be born, I am anxious.Hope he's born while I am at home. Headed home tomorrow, Yeah.....***VBG***

  2. Lovely projects and fabrics!

    Enjoy your weekend with the family. I hope you get lots of snuggle time with the little one!

  3. I just love Renee Plains' patterns - lovely fabric choices.
    Enjoy your baby grandson!

  4. Love the bad and your stitcheries! You do such great work.

  5. Love your button bag. The reproduction fabrics are lovely.