Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Weekend Trip

This past weekend my DH & I went to Corpus Christi, Tx to visit our youngest son & DIL (they are the expectant parents). I had Monday off work and took 2 additional days so we had 3 full days with them. They wanted us to help them with some projects.

I had to include a picture of our "grand-cat" Robbie. Robbie is such a fun cat - we have cat sat for him and his sister Maggie, when our DS & DIL were deployed to the Middle East with the Air Force. This is where he sits when he wants to eat.

On the drive there and back home, as well as while there, I had a couple handwork projects to work on. Below is a doll quilt that I will finish up for our nieces little girl. The potholders are for my sister's birthday coming up. She wants some potholders like our Grandma used to make. My aunt also made them after our Grandma died.

My DIL wanted some help with a sewing project that she had started a while back. She knows how to sew, but finds it hard to figure out some of the directions. Fortunately, we made some progress (even though the directions really were pretty bad). I was going to finish up a curtain that her mother had started, but when I started sewing it on my sewing machine, my machine "ate" the fabric! Luckily, I was able to get it out without it tearing. I thought if I started it in the middle of the side that maybe it wouldn't eat it, but again it just pulled it right down! How frustrating! The fabric was shear and I was just hemming the panel for a narrow window along side the front door. I hope she will be able to get it finished on her machine. Time passed all too quickly and we didn't get as much accomplished as we wanted to.

We did take the time to visit a quilt shop that was really great. I bought the few fabrics pictured below. I wanted my DIL to pick out something with the colors that they would like in a quilt for their bed. When they got married I made a 60" x 60" throw, but now I am ready to do a larger quilt for them (that is, after I finish the baby quilt and a couple other projects). I will make them a Double Nine patch. I plan to try to find some reproduction fabrics for that quilt.

The baby is due in May and the doctor said he will induce labor May 5 at 38 weeks. Below is a picture of the cradle that my son is making for the new baby. My DH worked on it with him over the weekend (sanding, staining and putting together). Doesn't it look great? I am going to make some sheets for the cradle and will look for fabric with airplanes on it (both parents are pilots).
Today it was back to work!


  1. Boy, you guys are busy! I love the little flower garden quilt and that cradle is awesome! What a lucky baby to sleep in that!!!

  2. I love that cradle. It is beautiful. Your son did a great job on it.