Friday, December 14, 2007

Marble bags & Santa

I made a yoyo "desk" topper for this small desk in our entry hall. I had never made yoyos until recently and have had fun doing it. I made some bottle cap hot pads and actually sold some at a craft sale. They were probably the most "looked at" item we had on display!

Several years ago my quilt guild had a workshop for this Santa. I finished one (another one didn't get finished) and was pleased with the result. It is one of my favorite decorations for Christmas.

I have been so busy finishing up projects, baking, decorating, etc, that I haven't done much blogging lately. Here are two marble bags that I made for our grandchildren, who are coming here for Christmas from Oregon. I need to make a few more for game pieces that we have from a board game my husband made last year.

I hope I can figure out how to get the pictures to go where I want them to go. Any pointers along those lines? Don't know if I will have time for any more posts until after Christmas, so I will wish any dear readers a Merry Christmas now.


  1. HI! Wah! Why do you have to live so far away? I'd love to see your fabric stash;0)

    With the pix, I load them first, then fill in the words around them. You can shift them around by clicking and dragging, but sometimes the pix vanish and you have to load them again.

    Merry Christmas!!! Love, Celeste

  2. Hi CLC, welcome to blog world - your sewing time has now been cut in half! Why? Because you will spend that time on the computer looking at blogs instead! With the photos, when you load them the page gives you a choice of Left, right, centre, and small medium and large. I use medium mainly, and then choose where you want it to go. When you upload a photo it always appears at the top of what you have just written, then when in "Compose" mode, click and hold on the photo, then drag it down to where you want it to go in the text. You will eventually figure out some of the tricks on the html page too about paragraphs and such like. Good luck! I love your little marble bags, and what are the bottle cap thingy's?

  3. I love the Santa that you made. Can see why it is a favorite decoration!